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Online buffering of video/audio streaming. Reward $1
Created by Fedup_63, 132 days ago, 485 views

What specific equipment, steps, procedures, hardware, software, free down loads like VPN, or other software apps do I need to get rid of buffering while online streaming?
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Aravi131 days ago

Hi @Fedup_63

1) turn of background update services at the time of watching video can help you. This includes windows update to your browser update.

2) run only one tab of browser at a time.

3) clean your temp files cookies and tracking cookies before starting video.

4) turn off services like rss feeds, weather monitor etc. That all run on internet.

5) if net plan is of low speed then upgrade your plan.

6) if still problem try to scan with malware removal tool like Microsoft malware removal tool, Malwarebytes, etc.

Don't use vpn it will reduce your net speed. This is because of indirect routing and additional point in between.


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nihal29130 days ago

Hello @Fedup_63

* First Type “cmd” in the search bar and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

Click cmd found in the search results for Programs.

A black box with a flashing cursor will open; this is the Command Prompt. Type “ping” and then hit the Space bar on your keyboard.

Type in the address you’d like to ping and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Wait for the ping results. If it is higher then 100ms then follow the below tricks/guids

1. You can change your dns for faster speeds .(only change and . Follow the guidelines=

2.Changing tcp settings with tcp optimizer also do wonders.
Guide here=

Reply me if you face problem

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Achaturvedi128 days ago

for best video stringing You Visit only HTML5 Based Video Sites Like youtube

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goaskdad57 days ago

Check your internet download speed. If it is 6 or below you will need to upgrade your internet plan to achieve quality video and audio streaming.

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