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Why do I get buffering on online TV streaming, whether it be sports, entertainment , general TV or foreigh tv channels online? Reward $2
Created by Fedup_63, 285 days ago, 599 views

I have a Windows 7 Home Premium. I have IE, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers...What is the best browser and the best , most efficient way to eliminate online buffering of all types of data content and online streaming channels ???
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Fedup_63285 days ago

Pay money first ...huh????? members supply comprehensible and accurate and suitable answers...I will offer to contributes to your members reward incintive!!!

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ha14285 days ago


buffering depends on your internet connection

TCP Optimizer

try cfos speed (i think it is free 1 month)

Troubleshoot playback quality and buffering issues

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AAA1992284 days ago

For play Tv chanals on computer
use this software
Readon Tv Player
IPTV Player
I used Readon Tv Player is good software.
better of browsers .

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ChessKing283 days ago

In any player, whether individual whether embedded in the browser,start will pause the video playback long which will depend on the response time of the speed of your Internet as well as online video.Hence, it is causal that the built-in browser and the player can not influence.However, some private players to reduce this delay time setting the time settings of the buffer or 0 if there's a problem with braking video this time you can gradually increase.

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Aravi282 days ago

Hi @Fedup_63

The best is chromium based browsers like chrome yandex etc. This is because it supports, advance data compression technology for packets. I belong to web developer profession. As per my best knowledge, the compression technology supported by chromium browser is the best. It fast website if web developer put some effort.

The same can be achieved by plugins too.

But this is expremental till date from user end.

You can reduce video buffering by:-

1) turn of background update services at the time of watching video can help you. This includes windows update to your browser update.

2) run only one tab of browser at a time.

3) clean your temp files cookies and tracking cookies before starting video.

4) turn off services like rss feeds, weather monitor etc. That all run on internet.

5) if net plan is of low speed then upgrade your plan.

6) if still problem try to scan with malware removal tool like Microsoft malware removal tool, Malwarebytes, etc.

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nihal29282 days ago

Hi @Fedup_63
I always use chrome for streaming videos . It's fast and reliable.

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