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Need to get my wise care pro Reward $2
Created by bvierra, 143 days ago, 483 views

I purchased wisecare 365 pro april 30 2017 because I had to install my antivirus program. How do I get my product I purchased back again
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ha14143 days ago


Resend License
provide with detailed information about your purchase, such as order ID, email address, etc.

Do I need to re-activate software after I reinstall?
No, you just need to active the software once and you can install & uninstall software any times. But you must re-active the software if you re-install the operation system.

How to activate Wise Care 365 Pro
1. Run Wise Care 365 Free.
2. Click "Full version" button on the upper right.
3. Enter your name, email, and your license key (copy & paste) in the form.
4. Click 'Register' to activate the full version.

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chakramed143 days ago

simpl download again wise care 365 and registrr it with the licens you earldy have

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voineaadi139 days ago

Hello, bvierra,

First of all:

1.) How did your purchase it? Did you buy it from their website?
If so, you should have been sent a license key in your inbox.

2.) Do you still have the license key?
Depending on your email provider, you can simply search inside of your email. Use the search phrase "WiseCare 265 Key", without the inverted commas, of course.

3.) Once you find your license key open up your software (you will be running a FREE version, not the PAID version).

Click on the button on the top side of the window, where I drew with blue color: CLOCK HERE ( apologies for the ugly hand drawing / writing )

4.) A sub-menu will appear, and you will click an option that will say "Change License Key"

5.) With the license key that you found in your inbox ( presuming that you did not delete it ), simply copy and paste the information into this box, and press the HUGE GREEN busston that says Register.


6.) *Optional: ( If you cannot find your license key in your inbox ):

Take Care!

Best regards,


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WiseCleaner_admin137 days ago

Thanks for the very detailed answer. :)

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Thiru4938137 days ago

On the right hand top corner of the programe there will be a drop down menu. Click on the Register and input your name, e-mail id and the key. For key search your browser for the installation flie and input

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