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External hard drive Reward $110
Created by 19mitch65, 226 days ago, 565 views

My external hard drive not working just makes a few clicks and then nothing it is a large drive 1 terabyte. I use it as a backup drive and important file holder, NOW I need files on it and I can't access it
any ideas? , Will not work on any PC.
You do not understand all cords connected the Drive just clicks a few time then nothing.......
Computer acts like the external is not even there, and no no drops bangs bumps or magnets
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ha14225 days ago


try on another windows pc? if it works then it can be driver problem.

Open Device Manager
1) Check your exernal Hard Drive Is there anf if there is a Yellow sign near it?
2) If yes download a new driver from your manufacturer site and install
3) Or right click on your external hard drive (do not disconnect hard drive) anc choose uninstall (do not delete) then reboot.

Automatically diagnose and fix Windows USB problems
connect your external hard drive and run this microsoft fix it

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zrodfects225 days ago


Do you get any sort of error messag?, I went through the same thing with a Bad Parameter message, I had to find and download some recovery software to get all my files, 2TB worth, but atleast I got them all back, took 5 days straight to scan the files though :(

Same thing happened to my smaller plug n play HDD....

You could first try the following, open "command prompt" and type the follow exact how you see it:

chkdsk /F /R /X H:

Change (H:) to the correct drive letter of your HDD that has the error, this sometimes fixes your drive to get it running again, but not always, it didnt work on my 2TB it still had errors, but it did work on my second HDD that also stopped working but it is now running fine, just let it do it's thing, it may seem like it isn't doing anything but leave it for a bit because it takes a few minutes even 20 minutes at times to start reading the sectors, this fixes some reading problems, it does not remove/delete files, so don't be scared of what it is doing.. If it isn't allowing you to do the run test, try another computer or laptop if you have one, it wouldn't let me do it on my main PC but believe it or not it let me run the test and also recover files from the other HDD using my microsoft surface pro 3.

Also did you bump or drop the HDD by mistake? this could also be the reason that your hearing clicking noises, if this is the case, I have no answer for this one, a computer tech maybe able to do something but not sure..

If the above command prompt technique worked and your able to use your HDD again, this does not mean it has fixed the problem 100%, once your able to access you files I recommend you getting another HDD and moving the files over, do not continue to used the drive even if it works again, it may work for weeks, months or even a year or more or however long, but how long exactly for is hard to say, so grab yourself a new HDD...

Hope this helps and let me know if any of the above helped/worked..


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Kosio163 days ago

I found something that can help you!

Hope you restore your files! ;)

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