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Why startup windows 10 is slow ? Reward $1
Created by AAA1992, 151 days ago, 574 views

I disable most application and service in windows
.......time of start up is near 2 minute
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a454545129 days ago

5 Tips to Fix Slow Boot Times in Windows 10


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ha14151 days ago


Enabling/disabling fast start-up

check your graphic card driver, update if necessary

run sfc /scannow

run chkdsk if your hard drive is not SSD

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stormysarge151 days ago

If you want to skip the start up process, I'd suggest not turning it off, but clicking on the switch user option on the start menu, and then from there, put your computer into sleep mode. It'll start right back up at the log in page, and your user configuration won't have to load again.

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chakramed148 days ago

thats normal after system upgrade it will take minutes instead of secondes thats a bug microsoft need to fix it .

i suggest you try this solution if it works for you :

To Turn On or Off Fast Startup in System Settings

1. Open the Control Panel , and click on the Power Options icon.

2. Click/tap on the Choose what the power buttons do link on the left side. (see screenshot below)

3. Click/tap on the Change settings that are currently unavailable link at the top. (see screenshot below)

4. If prompted by UAC, click/tap on Yes.

5. Do step 6 below .

6. To Turn On Fast Startup
Under Shutdown settings, check the Turn on fast startup box, click/tap on the Save changes.

if not showing turn on fast startup you need to enable hibernat fellow this link instructions

Source :


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kaljukass148 days ago

Simple - not clean and full of rubbish and junk files, defective or old Windows.
Usually is the first.

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Aravi146 days ago

Hi @AAA1992

Disable unwanted startup apps.


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bumchee142 days ago

B4 u disable anything..u need to clean out ur computer of all junk n stuff

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ChessKing142 days ago

One of the major drawbacks of Windows 10 Enterprise, Pro or Home – a large number of built-in software, such as: Shop, Post office, Edge and even Cortana. They interfere with the user during the work, greatly slowing down it, and take a lot of resources to the OS and computer. To get rid of all these shortcomings by installing a version of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB.

The Enterprise version LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch "Branch with a long term service") differs from classic Assembly in that it removed the junk the standard program that the OS installs by default. Because the Assembly based on Windows 10 Enterprise and is designed for small and medium businesses in the formal shops and retailers, normal users will not be able to purchase it.!digiseller/detail/2306906

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