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Cannot clear computers ram Reward $1
Created by n_777, 156 days ago, 565 views

Cannot clear computers ram
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ha14155 days ago


Shutdown pc, unplug from wall, unplug and replug RAM


Also from within interface wisecare, click on memory Optimizer

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Aravi154 days ago

Hi @n_777

If I got your issue right, you are unable to clear memory with memory optimizer, that is occupied by closed application or waste background application.

It could be because frozen application too. Install wise 365 > open system tune up > system optimizer > apply all optimization fixes under system stability and Restart your computer.


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igor151 days ago

1) need to go into safe mode( 2) Then use any program to clean your computer. 3) exit safe mode.

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eyesk1151 days ago

Assuming you're using a Windows PC left click on 'my computer'. Left click on 'C' assuming that is the designation for your working hard drive. The place where you work from, store and retrieve most of your files. Right click on 'C' Scroll down to 'Properties' and left click. A dialogue box should appear asking you about disc clean-up. Click yes. Another dialogue box will appear to the left of the first dialogue box. It will tell you how many bytes, M-Bytes or Gigs are full of clutter. Check all that apply. Directly below that is a 'Clean system files' click on that also. Another smaller dialogue box should appear asking you if you are sure that you want to delete all these files. Click 'Yes' That will effectively clean your ram, your browser cache and all junk files left behind by other applications, error reporting logs, thumbnails and general 'litter' Commonly known as useless files not associated with any application or Windows Operating System files. Hope this helps.

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chakramed149 days ago

hello to be clear ram cleaner or ram.booster software are only a dream dont trust them for speed need more ram all windows os have minimum requirment hardwear like widows 7 need at least 2GB Ram for better working if you dont have minimum requiement ram dont lose you money and time on trying rubbish .

thats my opinioç as old suffering from same problem now i have 4 gb ram im happy with it


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kaljukass148 days ago

Or maybe Cannot clean computer's ram? If so then why, who prohibits or hinders you? Mother?

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