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I uninstalled a program by mistake on my Windows Parallel machine, can I recover a folder from that uninstalled program? Reward $1
Created by Hela, 306 days ago, 596 views

The folder I need to recover is named "CostX" (it has other subfolders inside which is also required) and it sits under C\Program Data\ exactal\ Costx.
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ha14306 days ago


you can try windows restore point, 'Time Machine'

Previous versions are sometimes referred to as shadow copies

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Aravi306 days ago

Hi @Hela

Try recuva:-


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nuklin306 days ago


Two ways to recover/restore and reinstall uninstalled programs in Windows.

First, use system restore;

second, use third-party program files recovery software.

Solution 1. Restore Uninstalled Programs in Windows Using System Restore
Go back to an old system point before the programs were uninstalled, and you can quickly get back the programs without reinstalling.
Note: This behavior can salvage the uninstalled programs, at the same time, any new programs you installed after the system point will be gone. Do it only if you think it's worth.
Step 1. In Search Windows box in Windows, type control panel and open it.
Step 2. Click on "Recovery" and then "Open System Restore".
Step 3. Select "Next" and then click the "Show more restore points" check box to view a list of previous restore points.
Step 4. Select a restore point before the program you want to recover was uninstalled and then select "Scan for affected programs" to see what other programs would be affected if you perform the restore.
Step 5. Select "Close" and then select "Next" if you agree with the changes that the system restore will make to your system.
Step 6. Save and close any programs that are open and then select "Finish."
Step 7. Select "Yes" to initialize the system restore process and recover the uninstalled program. A message stating that the system restore completed successfully is displayed after a reboot to confirm that the operation was a success.

Solution 2. Recover Uninstalled Programs in Windows Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
There is an inconvenience using system restore to retrieve uninstalled programs in Windows because you'll lose the newly installed ones. In addition, many people don’t turn on the system protection option so that you can't apply the method, either.

In such cases, simply using third-party data recovery tools to crack the problems. Among the available utilities, we select EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for you. First, download its trial version. As soon as it found all the program files, you can choose to upgrade to the full version.

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS hard drive recovery software. Launch the program.

Step 2. Select the hard drive like C: or D: where the programs were installed. Click "Scan".

Step 3. Wait for the scanning process completes. Choose the program setup files or the folders that contain the program

files and click "Recover" to restore them all back.


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anhot29 days ago

Be sure to check out this free data recovery tool - . It managed to recover very important data for me. Never paid a penny for using it.

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