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Bad or Corrupt folders Reward $2
Created by narinesa, 166 days ago, 824 views

How to delete these ?

Also I am getting a message that there is a folder named "Found.000" which I cannot find to delete
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ha14166 days ago



File Assassin

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nuklin165 days ago

Steps to delete a corrupt file:
1. Step 1. Remove Corrupted Files and Delete the Folder
Move all the corrupted files in the folder with the locked file.
Manually delete the folder with the immovable files after you have moved the other files. The immovable files are the corrupted files.
I mean, just punch the delete key or select the file and hold shift+delete key to delete parmenently.
2. Step 2. Close Windows Explorer to Delete Corrupted Files
If the folder does not delete, close the Windows Explorer. To close Windows Explorer, start Task Manager by right clicking on the Task bar and selecting Task Manager from the menu
3. Step 3. End the Task to Delete Corrupted Files
Preview through the list of programs running in Windows Explorer. Right click on Windows Explorer and select End Task from the given options.
4. Step 4. Restart Your Computer
After you have closed Windows Explorer, restart your computer and check whether the corrupted files have been deleted.


Good luck.

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CoolCat164 days ago

Found.000 is a hidden system folder that contains old files. You can delete it with admin rights under safe mode.

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Warwick163 days ago

Here you are:

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Aravi161 days ago

Hi @narinesa

Their is a built in utility tool in windows os for this purpose called chkdsk. Kindly find the below microsoft article.

Open CMD as admin > type chkdsk /f/r > type y to shedure volumn check at next boot up > restart your computer


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carolwright865160 days ago

The immediate outcome of the error is file loss since you are not ready to get to the partition or USB drive now. RAW file system gives a fantasy that the drive is quite recently fabricated and hasn't been arranged.
Please Click:

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Kosio81 days ago

Click Start type cmd run it as administrator and type: chkdsk /f
This will delete corrupted files!

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Amsely81 days ago

As we know why file has bee crupt or bad because of virous so yes we know how virouls can attachk our system simeple we always tarying to download video software or song or other thing from internet becasue of this virous can attach in our system, some time its come from USA, CD,DVD,AND moble data as well, so we should stop such kind thing then ma be its possible we will dont suffer such kind croup folders, or other

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chelsieanayas61 days ago

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