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Hard disk problems Reward $3
Created by zoro, 348 days ago, 770 views

How i can fix hard disk without any prog ??? like hdd regenrator
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ChessKing348 days ago

Hard disk is only possible to clean and try to air blow.Another possible bad contacts to erode.If the disk has other problems you should first defragment it using the system.Usually this function can be found through the start menu.

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ha14348 days ago


Well you can use CHKDSK /r

Remove the Hard Drive and plug it to another healthy PC and see if the problem is gone if yes you can reinstall/repair/refresh your Windows :)

boot on linux live cd and see if you can access that hard Drive

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CoolCat348 days ago

I think you should give us more information. What kind of problems do you have? And why don't you want to use repair software?
It may help you to find out if it's possible to restore HDD.

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Sulejman347 days ago

well, start checking it for errors and see what happens, lets say the broken drive is C:
goto start > type cmd, right click and run it as administrator
now type
chkdsk C: /f /r
if it asks you to reboot, type "y" and reboot your computer and wait untill the utility finishes.
this app will tell if your hard drive is close to dying, so start backing up your data, better be safe than sorry :)

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steven2346 days ago

I can easily tell you, within one page, how to go about doing this. However, the answer is worth more than $1!! Contact me at if anyone is interested. Or visit my website at:

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steven2346 days ago

Aside from the terminal command, CHKDSK /r, you can also use the command 'sfc /scannow' to verify file integrity, and repair any if necessary. As a reminder, it is best to right click on the terminal program, and select "open as administrator" to ensure optimal results. If you are in a computer lab, first check with the system or network administrator as to whether you have permission to do so. They may also be able to assist.

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Aravi346 days ago

Hi @zoro

Posibility 1: Currupted volumn:-

Open command prompt (cmd) as administrator > Run the following commands.

1) chkdsk C: /f /r

It will prompt you to shedule at next reboot. Type y and restart your computer.

2) You can have system files currupted volumn. so it is recommended to run sfc.exe. For the same in cmd


Any higher version of of then windows 7, also run:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

if fails, use system restore to repair os files.

Possibility 2: Sometimes dust also causes similar problem.

Use air blower to clean your computer cabinet


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ab1936345 days ago

maybe this solve ur problems...

( )

( )

and i want to Know What kind of problems do you have?
if u give me more information about ur problem i can help u better :)))

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rasik1703342 days ago

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pustoi11308 days ago

He that bent?)

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