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Both VGA and DVI Suddenly stopped working Reward $1
Created by AnPeter90, 65 days ago, 460 views

Hi guys,

I opened my computer to check which RAM I have so i can buy another one. Cleaned it up a little from dust and put it back on.

Now both my screens won't work. One is connected by vga and the other by dvi.
The thing is, my computer runs, i just can't see anything.

Also, the screen reacts when i connect & disconnect from the pc. When disconnected it says no signal and when connected it's just black and again not detecting any signal.
Tried restarting everything, including the screens.

Inside the box everything seems intact (as far as i could tell).

Any ideas?
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ha1465 days ago


maybe to reset cmos battery?

can you boot on a live cd like linux and see if it is the same problem?

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brendaniel65 days ago


The fault is from your RAM, remove it and fix it again, this time do it tightly and if it doesn't work try testing another RAM on it..... But it has nothing to do with your VGA or DVI.....

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Aravi65 days ago

Hi @AnPeter90

It is quite usual that some times the components stops to working after removing components. Check wheather the RAM is reinserated properly and all cables are fitted properly in their socket.

If still problem presist you have to reset the CMOS. Just remove the CMOS battery for a 10 seconds and replace it. You monitor should start working properly.


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my_asylum59 days ago

Also if you use a graphics or video card unplug your VGA or DVI from it and try connecting either directly to your mother board connections and then you can see if your card is working proper;y ? sometimes all you have to do is jiggle or move it the wrong way and fro whatever reason it gives you a bunch of shit when you turn your machine back on.........

oh ya one other thing..........if you did happen to put your hand too close or on your ram cards while your machine was running you might as well go get some new ram now cause you fried your old one from the static charge in your hand.....I cant tell you how many times I did that without thinking back when I was learning what not to do the hard way. have also seen many others do the same......just an FYI.
chances are your ram isn't in right like the others mentioned though.
if your machine beeps a few times when you first start it you'll know its a memory issue especially if its an hp or dell.

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318416610258 days ago


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318416610258 days ago


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ChessKing55 days ago

The very first thing you need to check the contacts going from the video card.Might have to clean them.

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Sulejman54 days ago

if you have graphic card installed, remove it and try the integrated one.
if it works then:
1)your graphic card is dead
2) your PCIx16 slot is dead

If it was a RAM issue, you would hear it beeping :)

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maren42 days ago

First, when you wanna next time check PC disconnect from power.
Then, check contacts on graphic cards and RAM.
If its look like its OK then use HIREN'S BOOT CD and boot from these disc.
You will find all what you wanna to know about maachine, and fix it using these disc.

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