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Editing Registry in Windows Reward $11
Created by sid75, 302 days ago, 984 views

How do I learn to differentiate between unsafe to delete registry & safe to delete registry in windows. I mean, is there a general way of telling the difference between safe & unsafe?
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koroleva302 days ago

Check this article abut registry cleaners :
If you are not sure what is safe, just leave it the way it is, other way you may corrupt system files and cause a system crush.
Personally I clean registry with CCleaner only after uninstalling a program. All I clean is the entries related to the program I removed.

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ha14302 days ago


Registry is hundreds of thousands entries, doing wrong things (deleting or modifying values) can slow windows and in extreme cases blue screen of death.

safe to delete registry are left over orphaned entries. check LocalMachine and CurrentUser for left over registry keys

RegDelNull v1.11
This command-line utility searches for and allows you to delete Registry keys that contain embedded-null characters and that are otherwise undeleteable using standard Registry-editing tools. Note: deleting Registry keys may cause the applications they are associated with to fail.

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Aravi300 days ago

Hi @sid75

1) What is registry in computer?

A registry is set of entries of all the files and programs; and what is dose in your computer.

2) What is register error?

Left over entries of uninstalled software and wrong entriey keys by softwares.

3) What is safe to delete and unsafe to delete?

Register error are safe to delete. Entries of software installed in computer and system register keys are unsafe to delete.

4) What is the best way to delete?

Manual procedure: Only if you confirmly know that the entry is with error. Or a malware entries and safe to remove.

Malware entries: I will suggest you to use anti virus software and malware removal tool. Because it is not safe to delete most of the cases.

Unknown error or third party softwares and system tools: Using reputed tools is more recommended. They uses strong data base and knoledge base collection of such errors.

System files and Nfts related entry errors: Microsoft provide some builtin tools that can be run via cmd to clear such errors. But not assures you that it will fixs them all the time.

(a) CHKDSK /r/f/x

(b) sfc/scannow


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KinkyNika84297 days ago

One quick answer which has made anything registry-wise so much easier for me, and it's called WiseRegistryCleanerPortable.

It can be downloaded at the following url

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KinkyNika84297 days ago

But FIRSTLY, download the platform to a portable drive.
Can be done at this url:

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Sulejman288 days ago

Well, to be honest with you, everything related with registry is trial and error,
create a few virtual machines and test out what is safe to delete. That wont hurt your main pc, and will save you from the hassle of repairing your broken registry (which sometimes is impossible, given the fact that you cant exactly recall what have you deleted).
So, to sum it up, just take it easy, and start from HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and avoid microsoft directories :)

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