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This computer suddenly freezed Reward $1
Created by selcinor, 125 days ago, 311 views

How to make computer work when it got freezed?
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mazeal125 days ago

This document contains recommendations on what to do if the computer freezes or deadlocks. If your computer has stopped responding, follow the steps below to attempt to get the computer to unfreeze.
Tip: Some programs have an AutoSave feature. If you were editing a document at the time of the lockup, you might be able to recover a recent version of the document after rebooting. If your program does not have an AutoSave feature or the ability to recover a recent version of a document, you may lose all unsaved work due to a freeze or deadlock. It is important to save your work often to minimize or prevent this possibility.
Note: If only your mouse is frozen and not working, see our page on mouse not being detected or working in Windows
Give the computer some time
Wait. Give the computer a few minutes to process. Sometimes a computer may appear to be frozen, but it is just slow or busy processing a complex task.

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Aravi125 days ago

Hi @selcinor

Run wise 365.

Try to turn off unwanted background program.

Try to install microsoft hotfix for freezing issue.

If fails, When your computer slow down. Press esc + shift + ctrl > in process tab find which tab is eating your resource.

If it is a microsoft process you have to download memory leak hot fix for the same.

I hope this should fix your problem.


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ha14125 days ago


run maintenance
How to Change Automatic Maintenance Settings in Windows 10

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Siev567122 days ago

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nickon119 days ago

I have installed some reputed antivirus program into my system, but due to virus such as ThinkPoint invasion, my system get freezes. So, could anyone help me out in solving this problem.

Like another viruses, ThinkPoint is basically a rogue application that is part of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials infection. When this infection is installed into your system, it will display some fake alerts sponsored by Microsoft Security Essentials, and states it has been detected an UnknownWin32/Trojan on your system. Then after, it will prompt you to scan your system, which will start a fake scan of your system, that ultimately states that C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmgs.exe is infected with Trojan.Horse.Win32.PAV.64 and that will install ThinkPoint to remove the virus. It will then prompts you to press the OK button, that will reboot your computer to finish the installation.

Hence, when your computer reboots, you will be presented with the ThinkPoint start screen before your normal Windows desktop is shown. It will then prompts you to scan your computer that get infected with the numerous infections. Hence, its not tough, it will allow you to purchase the ThinkPoint program. In fact, if you try to close the program, it will state that “Current Settings” that don't allow you unprotected from start up. So, you should check your settings. As you can see this program as a scam as ransoming the proper operation of the computer, until you purchase it. However, it goes without saying that you should not purchase this program at any cost. The best thing you have to do is to remove ThinkPoint as soon as possible from your system, using reputed Automatic Removal Tool.

Read More:-

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