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Problems with WiseCare365 Disk Defrag Reward $5
Created by shotokan1, 307 days ago, 542 views

What are orange cells? (Orange is not in the legend.) Yellow is system files and red is fragmented files, right? I think orange is undetermined, and these shrink to zero as defragment progresses (whether successfully defragmented or not). Please confirm/correct.

What does it mean when many orange cells remain after Full Optimization, and what can be done about this?

When I apply Full Optimization to a relatively empty disk, then the used space is consolidated to contiguous (in addition to defragmenting files). But when I apply Full Optimization to a C (OS) drive that is 50% full, then the usage remains fairly scattered after Full Optimization. How can I fix this?

How do I get to the list that you presented, in order to check it?

Which statistics in the list do you suggest that I should look consider?

What does OVER_LIMIT mean in this list?

Is there any way to find out the number (count) of fragmented files and the number (count) of file fragments from this product?
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Aravi306 days ago

Hi @shotokan1

Kindly find the last reply


Plz look into other features enquired.


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ha14306 days ago


orange maybe bad sectors??? but if shrink to zero then cant be bad sector? defrag utility proceed Quick optimization by placing all system files at the beginning of the C:\ drive (windows OS)
Full Optimization maybe you need not to work perhaps it takes long time?

well it depends on how the software looks at your disk and determines whats the best to do with?
the option that you want maybe wisecare can add it as updates

Pagedefrag 2.32

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