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Network troubles with Windows and Linux Reward $1
Created by magali_demorangies, 251 days ago, 629 views

My main computer is under Mageia Linux 5, and I got another PC dedicated to games under Windows 10. Both computers are recent and made with efficient hardware, and Mageia runs perfectly on its computer which was sold with Windows 8.1 originally. As I got a box to connect with Internet, I wish to use its configuration to establish a local network where all my devices could join each others. Like this, if I need to grab a file, I would be able to get it without having to start the device holding it... But, when from Linux I got no problem to "see" the Windows PC and all the other devices and to connect them, from Windows only my Android tablets are visible, and even when I try to enter manually the settings (with proper IP and MAC addresses) this damned PC refuses absolutely to detect my Mageia computer...
Does anyone know how to solve my problem? I must say that although I am not a developer, I'm anyway an advanced user (I commonly use command lines and write little script files under Linux), and I tried many softwares supposed to help the exchanges between my both computers but most of them forces me to do what I think is possible to avoid: they need me to work on my both computers to be able to transfer datas... In this case, I can do same just sending them by Bluetooth ! Then, my question is: how to make my Windows PC recognize Linux and accept to connect it on my local network? Thanks for any useful answer...
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ha14251 days ago


check this thread

Setup LAN Connection to Connect Between Windows 7 & Ubuntu Systems

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brendaniel251 days ago


To solve your problem, simply remove all previously configured network configurations on your windows PC and the Linux, because it could affect future settings.

Now download mhotspot from here into your windows PC

Follow the instructions and connect, your Linux system is going to see the network and also connect, your Android phone and tablet will also see it and connect also.

Hope this solves your problem....

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mazeal250 days ago

There can be problems with wireless
internet (most common) and with wired
internet (rather rarely). First I'll describe
how to deal with the wireless category, and
then I'll describe a solution for the wired
Wireless internet problems fall into two
subcategories: either you have no
connection at all, or you have a flaky weak
connection. I've described below how you
might be able to solve both problems.

1. Below you'll find a roadmap that you can
apply item after item, in order to get your
wireless network card working. Which will
succeed in most cases.
For the sake of clarity: only apply the
roadmap as far as is necessary to get your
wireless card to function properly. Most
people don't need to apply all of the items.
Realtek chipset: install a driver
1.1. In case you have a Realtek wireless
chipset that doesn't work at all, that chipset
probably needs a driver. You can install a
driver like this.
Broadcom chipset: install the driver
1.2. When you have a Broadcom wireless
card, you have to install a restricted non-
free driver: the bcmwl-kernel-source . In
most cases, that's the best driver.
In order to install it, launch Driver Manager
(Linux Mint) or Software & Updates, tab
Additional Drivers (Ubuntu). You need
internet connection for using those, so first
establish a temporary internet connection
by ethernet cable or by another wireless
However, in a few cases this driver isn't
adequate. Then try if it helps, when you
disable Bluetooth. If disabling Bluetooth
doesn't do the job either, then this is how
you can install another driver:
a. First, establish a temporary internet
connection by ethernet cable; in other
words a wired connection.
Launch a terminal window.
(You can launch a terminal window like
this: *Click* )

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magali_demorangies250 days ago

Thanks to have taken time for answering me. I don't speak very good english then maybe this made my question a little bit difficult to understand. In fact, I can connect my router, my tablets and my Windows PC with my Linux computer; But I can only connect my router and my tablets with my Windows PC, it doesn't make appear my Linux computer in the list of devices in my network... I don't really need to make my Windows PC become a WiFi router because I got already a router which perfectly works with every of my computers and devices, it's the exchanges between my Windows PC and Linux that caused me a problem... But I anyway kept your link in case of need, then thank you for your post. :)

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magali_demorangies250 days ago

Same, thanks a lot to have spent time on my problem, and sorry if my bad english made my question hard to understand. My connection from and to internet is perfect, and all of my computers and devices can connect (as long as the network is not too busy, because this of course creates lag sometimes...). But in my local network, the Windows PC refuses to show my Linux computer in the list of devices, even when I "force" him giving the IP address and/or MAC address. I think I had an answer to track down, about the fact Windows doesn't allow all Pings, when Linux does, and this would explain why Linux can connect Windows when Windows cannot connect Linux... At least, I will explore this idea and work on it, and if it doesn't solve the trouble I will post again to explain the issues...

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magali_demorangies250 days ago

Thanks a lot for your answer, and after reading the content of your links I think this should be a good start to explain my troubles with Windows PC. I must now find how to make the same correcting of settings in Windows 10, but this should be not too hard... I will work on it, and I will tell you if this has solve the connection trouble, but I got good hope this should do! I will mark your answer as best one as soon as I do verify the problem has been solve, then thank you very much again!

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brendaniel250 days ago


You're welcome...

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