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How do I enable SSE2 instruction Reward $1
Created by Cherishscope, 374 days ago, 723 views

Ho do I Enable SSE2 instructions, or to disable SSE2 instruction either way it make me unable to use new version of browser
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ha14374 days ago


it is processor either supports or not supports, you cant make it support if it is not DOES NOT support SSE2

Verifying That Target Hardware Supports SSE2 Instructions

SSE2 Support in Firefox Users

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koroleva374 days ago


Are you using an old computer? some old processors do not execute "SSE2" instructions. So if you update the browser you may have dysfunctional problems or even crash the system.
What's your computer/ processor model? What browser are you using?

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Aravi373 days ago

Hi @Cherishscope

I agree with @ha14 and @koroleva. It requires processor support. ha14 clearly mentioned the process.


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