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What's your fave game? Reward $1
Created by anhot, 320 days ago, 697 views

This is actually the question
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brendaniel320 days ago

Need for Speed....

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Aravi319 days ago

Hi @anhot

Mine is counter strick condition zero.


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AAA1992319 days ago

call of duty

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stormysarge318 days ago

The Dead Space series. It's an awesome set of third person shooter horrors. I'd try it out if you like aliens

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nadynn315 days ago

I love playing Ingress , it's my fave game. This game has the coolest concept you'll ever come across. It makes me go out of my home and explore new places! I've just got new cool items at ingress store , and I'm more powerful now!

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JohnJm398964315 days ago

I love to play Asphalt 8: Airborne

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JohnJm398964315 days ago

[url=""]Asphalt 8: Airborne[/url]

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JohnJm398964315 days ago

I love to play
Asphalt 8

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magali_demorangies315 days ago

Although I am far from being a fan for logic games, I discovered a few months ago those three games which I do find really amazing :
"Portal" (, "Portal 2" (, and "The Talos Principle" ( The fact they are a clever melting with action and reflexion set in a realistic 3D environment made me addict in just a few seconds after launching them...

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Solaris310 days ago

I usually tend to absolutely adore one game at a time, only to completely abandon it for other games (that sounded better in my head - now I feel like a heartbreaker).

Currently, I'm spending all my time on Star Wars: The Old Republic, which rocks my socks. Before that it had been Dragon Age: Inquisition (even if the whole trilogy so far had been very enjoyable). And before that, it had been Mass Effect.

Looking at it now, I feel as if I have a bit of a saviour of all the known universe complex O.o

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HunterTram310 days ago


mu online!!!!!

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arsalan284 days ago

I love to play Need for Speed. Different people have different approach of playing games. I like to acknowedge a lot of important points. However, I need and that will be really sound effective all those students who want to get related answers.

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