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Скорость интернета через вай фай. Reward $1
Created by ChessKing, 595 days ago, 1509 views

На сколько уменьшится скорость интернета через одну стену?
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Aravi595 days ago

Hi @ChessKing

If I understand correct, you want to ask how internet speed you see various from actual internet speed while using through wifi. Because Internet speed is independed of wifi signal strength.

Wifi strengh is the main reason for this speed deviation. Some of the factor affect wifi strength are :-

1) We have various RPC like 802.11 a/b/n/ac/g for wireless routers. This is factor 1 Which RPC of IEEE it follows. It is a minor factor. Will not affect untill the wifi speed is less then your internet speed.

2) Hardware capability. The deviation of speed which increases per feet of distance. A mojor factor.

3) Phisical object like wall which comes between your computer and router. A mojor factor.

4) Presence of another radio emittor with same frequency. A mojor factor.

But their is no formula to calculate the deviation of speed. Only way to check your speed is via speed test website.


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pustoi11594 days ago

ровно,на одну стену.

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serezha594 days ago

Зависит от самого роутера и из чего построена стена. Если есть жележные профеля(скажем, гипсокартоном обшитые), то сигнал вообще может не пройти. А все остальные стены сами по себе особо на сигнал wifi не влияют.

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Aravi593 days ago

Hi @ChessKing

Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer.


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