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Wireless DSL Router and a Cable Router. What is the difference Reward $1
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What is the difference between a wireless DSL Router and a Cable Router?
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chakramed317 days ago

Routers and modems are two of the most common computer peripherals, yet many people don't know the function of each one. While the two devices may look similar, they each serve a difference purpose. Fortunately, the functions of the two devices are pretty easy to understand.

A router is a small box that allows multiple computers to join the same network (see below).

Netgear Router

While early routers provided several Ethernet ports for wired connections, most modern routers offer wireless connectivity as well. These "wireless routers" often have one or two moveable antennas on the sides, though some models house the antennas inside the enclosure. Wireless routers allow multiple computers and other devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to join the same network.

While connecting to a router provides access to a local network (LAN), it does not necessarily provide access to the Internet. In order for devices on the network to connect to the Internet, the router must be connected to a modem. Therefore, most routers have a specific Ethernet port that is designed to connect to the Ethernet port of a cable or DSL modem.

A modem is a device that provides access to the Internet (see below).

Cisco Cable Modem

The modem connects to your ISP, which typically provides either cable or DSL Internet service. Cable modems have a coaxial (or "coax") connection, which is the same type of connector found on a TV or cable box. This connects to a cable port on the wall. DSL modems have a telephone connector, also called an RJ-11 jack, which connects to a telephone socket on the wall.

By connecting your modem to your router (instead of directly to a computer), all devices connected to the router can access the modem, and therefore, the Internet. The router provides a local IP address to each connected device, but they will all have the same external IP address, which is assigned by your ISP.

To summarize, the device connection order is outlined below:

PC or wireless device

While the router and modem are usually separate entities, in some cases, the modem and router may be combined into a single device. This type of hybrid device is sometimes offered by ISPs to simplify the setup process.

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brendaniel321 days ago


There are three different functions that one typically finds in a home network setup. They are; a modem, a router, and a wireless access point. The modem sends and receives the digital data on either the cable (if it is a cable modem), or on a DSL line (phone line) if it is a DSL modem. The router is optional, but almost always present. It allows multiple computers in the house to share one connection. The wireless acess point allows computers to connect without wires.

Usually, the router is the same whether it's cable or DSL. The modems are different.

The confusion comes from the fact that a lot of people have just one box in their house that contains all three functions. They usually call it a "router" even though it contains a modem and a WAP too. If the modem is a cable modem, then they call it a "cable router", and if the modem is a DSL modem, then they call it a "DSL router."

Used to be, there were different kinds of DSL modem, and different kinds of cable modem, and you pretty much had to use the modem that was supplied by the phone or cable company. I gather that is not so much true anymore, but I don't know for sure. I am still using the modem that the phone company gave me along with a separate router and a separate WAP.

P.S.: I simplified things a little, 'cause the "router" itself usually performs several different functions in a home network; (e.g., Network address translation (NAT), firewall, router, and DNS server.) Some of 'em also function as VoIP boxes and, the ones from Apple computer function as file servers and, as print servers.

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Plumley313320 days ago

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Francis08320 days ago

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Aravi320 days ago

Hi @marketsgolabl

I will like to mark the advantages and disadvantages irrespective of IEEE specification bases. For a common man : -

Wireless DSL Router Advantages: -

1) Wireless network connection hence portability.

Wireless DSL Router Disadvantages:-

1) You could be hacked if a hacker is near you. You need to ensure data strong encription and wifi password to protect yourself. Because, if a hacker is withing few meter radious he can steal your details or land you in legal problems. You should ensure Network access protection firewall.

2) Radio wave effect. Even the router used in home are within the range of frequency ment to be safe to use in house; getting exposer to them is harmful slow effect. So you should use to sit few meters far from router to avoid damages that can be caused due to radio wave exploser.

3) Reduction of strength of waves due to physical barriels. If you try to connect to network from next room you can find this when you check your speed.

The same in the case of Cable Router the advantages and disadvantages reverses.


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maren280 days ago

Booth enable DSL connection, but wireless DSL Router enable WI FI (WIRELESS in your local network)
Cable router don't have wi fi in most cases.

My vote go for Wireless DSL Router

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