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Created by klkrs, 322 days ago, 460 views

Hi I have an apple first generation ipad how do i get it to go on hotmail i have tried to get it to work on it but it says i need iso 9 or higher, any help would be much appreciated many thanks Alan.
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koroleva322 days ago

You need to know the exact model you have.
Check for it on

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zrodfects322 days ago

The reason is that the first gen iPad will not support iOS 6 and up, the max iOS version is 5.1.1 for first gen, I still have my first gen also but I don't use it, but I am a gamer and collector, I use an iPad Air but looking to get the latest model in a few months maybe.....

You would need to get one of the latest iPads to get up to iOS10 etc..... you can get earlier models such as the air but I wouldn't go earlier than than, the 2nd and 3rd gen etc supports up to iOS9, including iPad mini's...

My suggestion if is money your worried about I would suggest iPad Air or Air 2.... 4th gen and pro are some of the latest/current models but they are more costly because they are newer,

As for phones I would stick to iPhone 5 and up or iPod 6.

Keep in mind as it is too earlier to tell but the minimum models if you want the latest iOS10 etc for example iPad Air I can not say whether it will support iOS11+ in the future, so get the highest model you can afford...

I hope this helps you in some way....

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