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Privacy issues in red how can I get rid of them? Reward $1
Created by Bizzle, 391 days ago, 1007 views

How to get rid of the red entries?
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brendaniel391 days ago


Read this


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chakramed391 days ago

there is 2 solutions :

Solution 1)

upgrade to pro version to do that click on yellow buttom

and then enter lisenc key . if you dont have one you can order one here :


Solution 2)

download ccleaner and install it donw link :

and make sure you select all option like shown on this image .


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Aravi390 days ago

Hi @Bizzle

If I am not work, you are asking about cleaning. It is paid feature in wise 365. But you can use c cleaner as told by @chakramed


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FixitJorge390 days ago

Don't worry it's only your left over browser history and cookies from sites you've been visiting, and it's really not a big deal if you don't share your computer.

But if it does bother you then you can always go into your browser settings and delete what you wish.

*Saved Passwords
*Saved form data

After deleting these left overs from your browser try scanning again and the red warnings will be gone.

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selcinor376 days ago

HTTPS, or Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure, is a variation on the basic protocol used to serve Web pages over the Internet. HTTPS verifies the security certification of the page you're visiting to prevent malicious redirection and encrypts the communication between you and the server. You may not be able to establish an HTTPS connection under certain circumstances. When you see "https" crossed out in your browser's address bar, you're not on a secure connection and should consider whether you need one for the website you're using.

HTTPS and Security Certificates
A security certificate is an encryption key and is used to encrypt and decrypt data transmissions between a Web server and a Web browser, using the secure sockets layer of the TCP/IP protocol. It's used to encrypt password transmissions and any transmitted data coming back. When website administrators set up certain types of websites, such as e-commerce sites, they have to purchase and register a security certificate; these certificates are signed and dated and need to be renewed periodically. Although most browsers now handle the handshaking for security certificates automatically, you may sometimes be asked to authenticate a security certificate, or be warned by your browser that the security certificate is out of date or can't be verified.
Root Cause
When HTTPS has a red slash through it in your browser's toolbar, this means that one of two things has happened. The first is that your browser and the Web server don't have matching security certificate authentications. The second, and more common, is that a website designer has created a page that calls for both secure and non-secure elements to display on the same page, at which point HTTPS is listed as disabled.
Fixing the Problem As a Website Developer
The easiest way to ensure that HTTPS is used for all elements of your website is to make sure that all assets (such as images and CSS stylesheets) are locally hosted and use network path URLs to call them. This is very similar to using a relative URL, except it starts with two slashes. The network path URL causes any assets called by it to use the HTTP type called on by the browser.
As a Web Surfer
When you see the HTTPS part of a URL crossed out with a red line, the likeliest cause of the problem is with the website, not your browser. On the off chance that it is something cached in your browser, use your browser's settings to clear the cookies and cached information and reload the site. You have another option available as well -- install the HTTPS Everywhere plugin for your browser. It's currently available from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and works in Chrome and Firefox, and forces HTTPS connections for every website you visit and every element called by that website – even pulling images or plugins hosted from other domains.

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Xenia534376 days ago

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nihal29375 days ago

Hi @Bizzle
It is not a serious problem . It doesn't impact on pc performance that much .

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