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Change UPS battery or buy a new one? Reward $1
Created by KeThomas91, 214 days ago, 426 views

Dear friends,

I have a POWERTECH 650 VA UPS (made in china). I bought and started using that UPS on 16/10/2014. Yesterday (19/02/2017) after a main power failure, the UPS turned off within 1-2 seconds and hence I could not save my work in my PC. The UPS could not give backup after subsequent power failures.

Should I get a new battery for the UPS or just buy a new UPS? Which one would be beneficial? How will I know that the UPS will still be functional for a longer time even after the battery has been replaced? I mean will the UPS circuits will still be reliably functional even after the battery has been replaced?

Thanks in advance
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brendaniel213 days ago


I will advise you to buy a new one, reasons are:

1. It could be that the UPS is faulty, it may not be charging the battery correctly, so even if you get a new battery, you might still encounter the same challenge, I have seen some cases when people change their batteries and still encounter the same problem only to find out that the problem was from the UPS and not the battery.

2. You could end up buying a fake battery or wrong battery specification, and then you wont get to enjoy the UPS as you ought to.

3. The cost between getting a new battery or a new UPS isn't so much of a difference compared to the risk involved if you get a new battery, it is better to have peace of mind whenever you spend your money, with a new one, you will rest assured that it is gonna work just fine and it might possibly come with a warranty too...

Hope this helps you...

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mazeal213 days ago

Not much more to add here except, I
would buy a UPS which does battery
tests and will give you a visual
indication on the health of the battery.
I know some APC consumer grade UPS'
will do this. The current 1500VA units I
have are showing battery faults but are
still able to keep the networking gear I
have plugged in up and running
through the power blips I have had.
Fortunately, I only need the UPS' to
keep things powered up long enough for
my back up generator to go online.
I've bought some other units like a
Cyberpower and a Belkin. The
Cyberpower never worked. When I had
an outage, it didn't even keep things
running at all. It was maybe 2 years old
at the time. I got an RMA for it but
never shipped it back as didn't feel like
paying the shipping costs. The Belkin
gave me backup power for a couple of
outages before it gave up. To be fair,
I've had APC units fail too but they did
provide useful backup power for
multiple outages over the years. I've
had a 300VA, 900VA, and some older
1500VA units.
I don't remember how old the current
APC 1500VA units are. I think they're
maybe 4 or 5 years old. But I started
getting battery alerts for the past couple
of years which I've sort of ignored.
Other than the circuitry itself, I wonder
if the consumer grade stuff just don't
have the same quality charging
components and battery monitoring that
the business grade stuff has. I moved to
business grade UPS' when I found out
before a major power outage before I
had my backup generator that the APC
stuff I bought wasn't robust enough to
keep the servers I have up and running
long enough for me to shut them down
gracefully. Since then, I've gone to a
3000VA unit and now have a 6000VA

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nihal29213 days ago

Hi @KeThomas91
You should buy new one . Must check its rating according to your PC PSU rating .

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Aravi213 days ago

Hi @KeThomas91

I will suggest you to go for new UPS. Because:-

1) already 3 years are over.

2) And if a UPS goes off with few seconds, it could be more hardware issue then a battery issue.

3) Further china products come cheep, so if it runs ok otherwise not worthy to spend for repair. You may end up in repairing them repeatedly, that will leave you in more expense then new one.


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Achaturvedi212 days ago

I think they all are Give You Right Suggestions.. You should need to buy New UPS..!!

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