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Any suggestions for combo-heavy fighting games? Reward $25
Created by MrOwnage, 392 days ago, 1054 views

Hello everyone. Today I would like to ask any gamers here something.... interesting.

I've been playing BlazBlue for a long time now, about 3 years or so. I really like it's combo system, however I want to try out other fighting games as well to add some variety (as you know, variety is the spice of life as they say).

However, I am having trouble with finding a fighting game for my tastes that's on PC. Most of the cool-looking fighting games I stumble upon on the net are sadly console-only so I am not able to get them (I only have PCs at home).

So, now I want to ask YOU guys about fighting games you know of which allow a lot of combo freedom. By that I mean :

-You can do very long combos (10-20 seconds, give or take if must), like in BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend (those combos can go on half a minute if done properly).
-The combos performed are actually different combos, not the same loops over and over again (like I witnessed in KoF 13 combo videos)
-You can juggle, air combo, chain etc.... instead of performing grounded strings only (like I witnessed in the SF series)
-If possible, should have combos that if you vary them, there is no big penalty doing so (by that I mean that styling a bit is not a drawback comprared to doing a practical combo, like I said this is NOT a requirement).
-Finally if possible, includes advanced mechanics (like BlazBlue's barrier, wallbounces, fancy specials etc...)

Fighting games that caught my interest (I know about them already) : UNIEL, Skullgirls, UMvC3 (soon on PC, yes!) Nitroplus Blasterz, Koihime Enbu. From these UMvC3 easily wins though.

Fighting games I am NOT interested in : KoF series, SF series, Melty Blood series (these have so boring and linear combos and are mostly just dancing into and out of each others' ranges)

MK is alright but not that combo-centric. Please no games with retro graphics, by that I mean old games (like earlier than 2010, for example : Children of the Atom)

I do not consider hack and slash games fighters, to avoid confusion I am looking for 2D fighters only, so no Tekken, DBZ etc...

And please no comments like "what a scrub I am" or "can't play fighters", yes I do know how to play them and that footsies are an important part, I am just looking for fighters where you can do some awesome combos,as I enjoy the combo part the most. Or is UMvC3 level of combos the most that can be "found on the market"?

I am waiting for your suggestions ^^
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chakramed392 days ago

i dont know much about gaming but just asking my littel bro he send me this youtube link :

i think in my opinion UMvC3 is the top level combo for now 2nd takken 2 and 3 .


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MrOwnage392 days ago

Yeah I saw that vid and I also do know the ridiculous opportunities the UMvC3 combo system allows you to perform. It's amazing and an even bigger reason to be hyped for the release on March 7.

From what I've seen Nitroplus also allows some cool combos with the assists and the Blast system.

Tekken 2 and 3? It is possible to combo that much there? I didn't know that... most combos that I've seen in TTT2 (Tekken Tag Tournament 2, not on PC) for example stop at around 12 hits or so.

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chakramed392 days ago

@MrOwnage as i said earldy i dont know much about gaming but doing littel search i found this :
Killer Instinct WORLD RECORD Hisako 2603 Hit Ultra Combo!!!

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MrOwnage392 days ago

Yes, I did understand your post that you aren't that much into gaming. However, sorry to tell you that 2603 hit combo was originally a glitch (whiffing ultra enders continously) and it has been since removed from the game. Thanks for the ongoing support however, if no new games are found I will mark your answer as best answer.

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Aravi391 days ago

Hi @MrOwnage

I don't know. You may have already played this game. Few years back I tried a game called TINY TROOPERS, which is a cool game.


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MrOwnage391 days ago

Hi @Aravi

I thank you for replying, however that game (Tiny Troopers) is a strategy game, not a fighting game :D, for this question I am looking for fighting games only. I wanted to see if there is more crazy than UMvC3 out there but seems like that isn't the case sadly.

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chakramed391 days ago

i hope you found some thing new why dont try war games i always watch my littel bro playing that call of duty i found awsome when playing on server with many gamers around the world .


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MrOwnage390 days ago

@chakramed Nope I didnt find a fighter crazier than UMvC3 in terms of combos. However to thank your efforts I marked your reply as best answer. Oh well. Hopefully a new dev will make an even more combo heavy fighter someday.

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