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It is harnful to the computer Reward $1
Created by Flyshield, 393 days ago, 876 views

One kind of program, which is harmful to computer operation.
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Vanesse386 days ago

Sometimes even the software you downloaded from official site can bring potential harm to your computer. They may contain the potentially unwanted program which will change your computer and browser settings after they get installed. Many legally-registered software development companies engage in "bundling," mainly because they earn a nice profit by packaging another company's software (PUPs) with their legitimate apps.
You can use an antivirus program to detect potentially unwanted or unsafe applications:

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brendaniel393 days ago

A Computer Virus...

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chakramed393 days ago

Heavy programes like gigabytes programes like antivirus symantec and others . Programes using 90% OF COMPUTER RESSOURCE

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Aravi392 days ago

Hi @Flyshield

Computer can be harmed by any program that can modify the operating system resource in harmful way. It could be from computer virus to bad programed software.


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nikkrajput389 days ago

there is no harm to your computer if you download that program from official website or trusted website like softpedia, filehippo, etc cracks program are harmfull program they can create loop in your program thats why you have to you antivirus.

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kinzy2004386 days ago

a virus trojan spyware something that manipulate hard disk read speed or voltage or Bios cracks sometims contian trojans may led your pc to get hacked or spied thats it

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octaviain357 days ago

Even it was an old question. I still wanted to answer it。

Scammers are sending last-minute phishing attacks to tax preparers in the hopes of making off with taxpayers' refunds.

On 17 March, the United States Internal Revenue Service along with state tax agencies and other industry entities issued an alert warning tax professionals of a new phishing attack.

Scammers pose as ordinary taxpayers and contact the tax professionals via email. Most of the time, they ask that the professional updates their refund destination to a prepaid credit card. Other times, they try to phish for the professional's email credentials so that they can change taxpayers' refund destinations themselves or steal information about their clients for the purpose of committing identity fraud.

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