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Internal drive not showing any file Reward $1
Created by sarwar123, 394 days ago, 653 views

Please give suggestion to solve this issue, my internal drive is showing "this folder is empty" but actually is has files and folder, when I type E:/folder name its open that folder.
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chakramed394 days ago

hi maybe your files and folders are hidden :

Step 1: Open This PC.

Double-click This PC on the desktop to open it.

Step 2: Show the hidden files and folders in the View menu.

Click View, tap Show/hide in the menu, and check the small box before Hidden items in the sub-list.


Way 2: Show hidden files and folders in the Folder Options.

Step 1: Open Folder Options.

Open This PC, click View and select Options.

Step 2: Show the hidden files and folders in the View settings.

In the Folder Options window, choose View, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then click OK

to make your files not hidden in your hard driver E:/ :

Go to Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>Click Command Prompt. right mouse click and choose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

now black windows shown and Type E: and enter

Now type in attrib -s -h -r /s /d then enter

Go to your drive, and see if you can now see all of the hidden files now.

Tips, Tricks & Warnings
After you "unhide" your files, remember to scan your computer/Laptop for viruses if you don't know how these files were hidden in the first place.
Make it a habit to check for hidden files. If you keep on seeing hidden files on your computer without you really doing it, it is highly possible that there is a virus. You would need then to run a strong anti-virus and do a complete computer scan in order to get rid of this.
Check which types of files are usually being hidden. The pattern may be able to tell you what type of virus you have in your computer.

thats all i can help you with now .


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brendaniel394 days ago


Like chakramed said, it could be hidden, follow his steps and it should solve it, but if doesn't, it could be a virus, what I suggest you do is create a back up folder, since you have access by typing E:/folder, inside the backup folder, create and name each new folder according to each E:/folder that you can access, to save space select all files in each E:/folder, then cut and paste Into the newly created folders in the back up folder, do that till you're done with the whole files, if you have free space on other drives or an external drive, copy the backup folder into it and format the internal drive if it is not your c:drive, if it your c drive, try update or install your antivirus and scan the drive or the entire system.

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Aravi393 days ago


I agree with @chakramed. Kindly note that any hidden file or invisible duplicates or hidden system related resource file will not have count in existing files list.

Kindly find the refer the below Microsoft articles : -


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Achaturvedi391 days ago

You should check out this video its help you :
this video for external drive but its also work for internal drive

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