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The best cloud to store files forever? 5
Created by AAA1992, 822 days ago, 1339 views

Which is better..
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ag346821 days ago

If you're looking for the best cloud service to store files forever, you should go with a company that is likely to be around for a long time. Google is an ok choice but it seems that just about every major tech company has discontinued a service after it no longer appealed to them.

An alternative free option is to use a peer backup/sync. I've seen options that will back up to anonymous users similar to what Symform uses to offer.

If you are tech savvy, then I think that by far the best two options available now are to create your own private cloud and use a synology router/NAS, or ASUS router.

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brendaniel822 days ago


Google Drive is the best, because it also gives you the option to use and edit most of your files online, I don't think there is any other cloud storage with as much capability like google drive

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ChessKing822 days ago -25gb+webday

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chakramed822 days ago

Best one is 4shared i use my self but as you to know all files hosts have a time limit . 30 to 60 days if no one use or download the files will be deleted even google drive delet some files duo to copyrightes issue it depends on whzt kind of filed you need to store .


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09124293817 days ago

cool is a god bisness

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09124293817 days ago

meilleur est 4shared j'utiliser mon auto , mais comme vous le savez tous les fichiers hôtes ont une limite de temps. 30 à 60 jours si personne ne l' utilisation ou télécharger les fichiers seront supprimés , même Google cloud ne fait pas mieux

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chakramed817 days ago

merci de traduire mon reponse au dessous

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RedDatStone816 days ago

Google Drive

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Hower802 days ago

Dropbox самое удобное и лучше всех

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shivangisharma711 days ago

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Roberthardy104 days ago

You can try cloud models, it has public, private and hybrid cloud models and you can choose the best one which suits your business, if you want to know more about this you can visit this blog

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