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Keyboard keys not working any suggestion Reward $110
Created by marketsgolabl, 9 days ago, 194 views

I have some keys not working any suggestion keys are ; t and e

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zrodfects9 days ago

Is this for home PC or Laptop ?

Laptop you can try the following, this works for a lot of people but not everyone, depends on the issue...

If you believe there are no type of food crumbs under the keyboard do the following:

Shut down the laptop, remove battery and power cable, press and hold the power button for 60 seconds, now replace the battery, start up the laptop, if this does not work then you may have to seek a computer tech.

Hope this helps......

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chakramed9 days ago

Maybe this is caused problem it is called StickKeys. (it is part of Microsoft WIndows for Accessibility for physical problem.

How to cancel that??? hold SHIFT + CAPS Lock. It will cancel the StickKeys. It will go back to normal.

If it dosnt work i have other effective solution .


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brendaniel9 days ago


1. If you have an air blower use to blow into the keys that are not working.

2. Gently use your palm to tap the keys that are not working.

If the two steps above don't work, then read this article, I fixed my letter 'm' key yesterday...

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Aravi8 days ago

Hi @marketsgolabl


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Case998 days ago

good which you will certainly be entering this Software program, you want to Eliminate WiFi from your PC with the nice.

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chakramed8 days ago

i think you have hardware problems only 2 solution :

1-- replace keyboard .
2- remap the keyboard . means instad of clicking 1 your keyboard will writ t or e

this vedio will show you how !

donwload the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools :


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Flyshield7 days ago

you dont specify either it PC keyboard or Android problem but let try the two persist problem, then we must try troubleshooting steps which are comparatively more complex. In this step, by restarting your device in the safe mode, we can establish whether a problem has occurredbecause of one of the third party apps. This will mean that your stock Android keyboard is the one that will be working inthe Safe Mode.*.Press and Hold the Power button so thatthe Power menu cancome up on the screen*.Now press the Power option on themenu and continue to press it till you see a pop-up box asking you if you want to restart in Safe mode*.Tap on OK and confirm
Once the device restarts in Safe mode you will see the wordsSafe Mode written on the screen to confirm. Now check if the keyboard works in theSafe mode.If it does work then one of the third party apps that you are using may be the culprit. To identify the app which may be causing the problem, you must first figure, then try to disable the apps that you had recently installed. Disable the apps one by one and find out if the keyboard starts working after disabling a particular app. Once you know which app caused the problem, uninstall it.

Factory Settings

If your keyboard still does not work then you must considerresetting the device to factory settings. By doing so, you will be able to bring the device’s software backto its initial state whenit was taken out of the box. It will wipe all data from your device and you will also lose all third party apps that you had installed to the device. Make sure you back up all data so that you do not lose important data once you have reset the device.*.Go to the Settings menu of your device*.Tap on Backup and Reset*.Check the box whichallows you to back-up your GoogleAccount*.Tap on Reset FactorySettings*.Tap Reset Phone
Once the device has been reset to factory settings then you can try and check if the problem has been solved. You can then restore the data and continue to use the device as usual.The solutions for “Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped” will work on most of the Android devices

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Flyshield7 days ago

fix the board was unplugging it from the USB port and trying the one next to it. Again, no response. Same story with all my other USB ports. Keep in mind this mechanical keyboarddoesn’t come with any software and Redragon advertises it as “Plug & Play” with no need to install drivers.Restarting my PC was of no help. At least the LED backlighting was working, so it was receiving power. Just no communications. At this point I was becoming really agitated and started to suspect Windows 10 was the cause of my frustrations.Let’s try another device that doesn’t run on the Windows platform. I pulled out my Samsung Galaxy S6 and connected the Redragon using an OTG adapter cable. It worked perfectly. Whew. So now I knew their was nothing physically wrong with the keyboard. This was a driver issue with Windows 10.After a bit of research and Google searching I found the solution to my problem. If you have a Redragon mechanical keyboard that powers on but isn’t responding to any input, try these steps first before returning it for a refund or exchanging for a board of the same model that will most likely still suffer from the issue.Note: It would be helpful to have a second working keyboard also plugged in during these steps.1. Navigate to the Device Manager with your Redragon mechanical keyboard still plugged in. Start typing “DeviceManager” in the Windows search. Click on Device Manager once it shows up.

2. Once in the Device Manager,scroll down and find “UniversalSerial Bus controllers” and clickon the arrow to the left to expand the list.3. From this list locate “ND-techUSB Adapter”, richt-click it and select “Update Driver Software…” from the menu box.
This last option can also work for mouse and keyboard, start your computer immediately press hold on delete using redragon device it the keyboard after that the BIOS menu will appear check for pheriphera enable it then save and exit, the PC will reboot and keyboard will start working, even if it is mouse or any USB port.
get us feed back.

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marketsgolabl7 days ago

its a laptop keyboard

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zrodfects7 days ago


As per my original guide, give this a go and let me know if it works as it is aimed for laptop users.. Good luck....

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FixitJorge7 days ago

So you have a KEYBOARD problem?
Don't Panic!, before you think about remapping those keys, check out this 30 second clip on how to fix that unresponsive key :D

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Aravi6 days ago

Hi @marketsgolabl


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chakramed6 days ago

Try the solution we post to you and see if it works or try my solution i post try to remap you keyboard .

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mazeal5 days ago

you have enough information just try it one by one.

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