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Malware strikes, How to clean an infected PC Reward $1
Created by Flyshield, 183 days ago, 524 views

Malware strikes: How to clean an infected PC
What to do when the malware sneak into the computer.
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FixitJorge182 days ago

This topics answer is Dynamic and no straight method would be the most efficient because virus removal requires you to consider the situation and take logical steps that are unique to your infected computers situation.

With that being said here is the standard step by step protocol for removing the most common types of virus infection.

The first step is to shut down the system. If the start and shutdown way doesn't work then you need to do a hard reset by holding down power button until it shuts down.

2. We now need to start the system without letting the Malware start. To do that, we need to boot into safe mode.

3. Once in safe mode open web browser and search for Malware bytes. Download it. It's FREE and a top Anti-Malware removal tool used by experts in the field.

4. Once Malware bytes is installed open it up and let it update it's database to the newest version.

5. On the main screen choose perform a quick scan and click the SCAN button. When the scan is done just follow the on screen instructions to remove the Malware.

6. Now shut down the Computer and restart it normally.

7. When the computer starts, run another Anti-Virus software like Super Anti-Spyware, Spybot search and destroy, bit defender, or any one of your favorites. After that completes, start up Malware bytes again and this time run a full system scan.

8. Once that's all done and scans come back clean, congratulations you've successfully Cleaned your computer yourself.


Happy Virus Hunting! :D

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chakramed183 days ago

Hi @Flyshield ,

use malwarebyte is the best no need computer restart ,Smarter detection. Specialized ransomware protection

download :


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brendaniel182 days ago

Read this, it should help

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Aravi182 days ago

Hi @Flyshield

I use 2 backup scanner,

1) Malwerbyte

2) ESET online scanner

I will clean the PC.

I will also reinstall or change antivirus software if malware succeed to infect.


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kinzy2004181 days ago

hey there
Clean your pc with wisecleaner

use free antispyware >>>

scan and remove all cracked programmes or compress them to stay safe

remove tracks and secure your wifi

use strong firewall

Symantec by Norton is a very powerful antivirus scan ur pc with it


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