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Anyone playing / played the new Hitman? 5
Created by AnPeter90, 222 days ago, 558 views

I picked this up the other day so i'm not too far into it yet but up to now it's not exactly set my world on fire. in comparison to some of the good stealth games from recent years - alien isolation, mgsv, dishonored 2 - the hitman formula is starting to feel a bit dated to me.

besides a fancy ui, i've not seen many new additions of note. the obvious one is "opportunities" - 47 eavesdropping a conversation that unlocks a sequence of events for him to follow resulting in an opportunity (surprisingly) to take out a target. there's also a few useful things from previous games that have been removed like being able to peek through keyholes which is disappointing.

the game's really pretty and each new level at the start feels like it's going to be an exciting stealth sandbox bursting with possibilities but very quickly i find myself seeing the "opportunity revealing itself" indicator appear on the map and then just following on screen prompts. it feels like it's meant to be played this way which detracts from the dynamic, opportunistic gameplay of previous games. and there's no real story thread to follow between missions either which i think is a shame.

i'm bit surprised i haven't taken to it more (love previous games, even enjoyed absolution); i remember reading dozens of posts on neogaf not too long ago of people gushing over how it was the best hitman game ever. i feel like i'm missing something.

any thoughts / opinions on it from others?
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chakramed222 days ago

its quite good game to play i had it once on my pc

i recommand it .


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Achaturvedi213 days ago

I'm Also playing this Series Hitman Absolution (2012)

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09124293212 days ago

c'est un jeux des plus innovent

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