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I use panda free good antivirus? Reward $1
Created by AAA1992, 190 days ago, 908 views

What do you think.
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chakramed188 days ago


1. Slow scan
2. Some removal issues
3. Dependant on internet connection (weaker offline protection)
4. Heavy on system for a cloud program
5. Some false positives despite information available in the cloud

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rasshiva190 days ago

Kaspersky ... it's not good it's Best .... you can get one month free trial,,, get the link
you can download it from the link

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AAA1992190 days ago

kasper need to buy license

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ha14190 days ago


it depends how you use your pc?
Panda Free Antivirus protects you while you browse, play or work and you won’t even notice it. For stubborn removals try Panda Cloud Cleaner instead.It is extremely light as all the work is done in the cloud. Panda Free Antivirus provides you with the fastest protection against the newest viruses thanks to its cloud-scanning from PandaLabs' servers. Read more at:
Panda Free Antivirus features: Community-based firewall (pro edition only).
New cloud-based disinfection engine.
New behavioral analysis engine in the free edition.
Improved offline protection.
Process monitor allows seeing Internet connections on a per process basis.
Improved performance and 50% faster scans.
New advanced configuration options such as asking for confirmation before neutralizing.

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omarwa189 days ago

All free good. you can by one .

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Razsaheel189 days ago

I had been using Panda Free Antivirus on my laptop for about three years and really liked it. However, about four to five months ago, whenever it would try to update itself (the program, not definitions), it started using so many cpu cycles nothing else would run. The only way to stop it was to hold down the power key to shut off the laptop. Most of the time, when restarting, it would be fine for a while until it decided it was time to update again. At that point, I gave up on it.

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AAA1992189 days ago

is powerful in find virus?

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Aravi189 days ago

Hi @AAA1992

pcmag have marked panda free anti-virus as the top 10 antivirus of year 2016,2817,2463592,00.asp

Every anti virus have its own pros and cons:-,2817,2463592,00.asp

Its cons is that its Phishing protection is low.


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chakramed188 days ago


its great antivirus , but not enagh


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AAA1992188 days ago


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AAA1992188 days ago

is not slow scan for me
very low use of system resource

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chakramed188 days ago


When i tried it Panda was using about 30 MB.
For a cloud program it was a little heavy while browsing.
But the thing i dislike the most was slow scanning, very slow scanning for cloud av

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nihal29188 days ago

Hello @AAA1992
I have used it , as well as the panda USB security which does not allow vires from USB to execute.
I also like 360 security antivirus . Which is free and have lots of features. Otherwise windows 10 windows defender is enough vs free antivirus softwares.

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FixitJorge187 days ago

Panda's previous version did well in tests by the independent antivirus labs. But This time around, not so much. :(

Antivirus utilities that earn at least 17.5 points from AV-Test earn the appellation Top Product. Previously Panda Antivirus was rated on 3 criteria sections and managed a nearly perfect score of 17.5

That's great! But The problem is that this time Pandas score has declined to 13.5
The decline is mostly due to the increase of false positives the software sets off.

Read more on test results here:,2817,2463592,00.asp

In the latest test, Kaspersky took a perfect 18 points, while Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition and Trend Micro managed 17.5.


Slick, attractive user interface. Vaccinates USB drives against malware. Panda Safe Web flags dangerous websites. Free.

Poor scores in independent lab tests and Middling score in our malware-blocking test. High rate of false positives.

Panda Free Antivirus boasts an attractive user interface and an unusual USB vaccination feature, but its scores have slipped in both our tests and independent lab tests

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Lauren325186 days ago

good high amount of cost which I assume is not ideal. vshare android best operating system yet here is an issue in ios nice.

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