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How to solve internet connection Reward $1
Created by Flyshield, 407 days ago, 861 views

How solve the internet connection problem and the solution that resolve the problems
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Rudefood20407 days ago

If you are having internet connection issues, try this:

Click Start Menu

Search for Command Prompt

Right click the Command Prompt and choose to run as admin

Once it opens, type ipconfig/release then press Enter to release your current IP address

Now type ipconfig/renew then press Enter to renew your IP address

You may need to restart your computer after this. After doing so, your internet connection should be back up and running.

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ha14407 days ago


well your ISP provider is the right solution.

other factors...
- RAM if you dont have enough then when you open multitab then you get slower response.
- Plugins on the browser can conflict
- Your antimalware live protection.
- malware infection.
- Background process constantly checking online.

TCP optimizer

cFosSpeed: Internet Tuning and Prioritization

you can try ramdrive and move your browser to that zone.

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Aravi407 days ago

Hi @Flyshield

Internet problem are possible in 3 side.

1) Internet service provider (ISP). Like low network quality, power signal issue, bad wires, etc.

2) In computer. Problem of tracking cookies, accumulation of cookies, malwares, poor pc speed.

3) poor website.

We can only solve pc related issues. You can

1) use a auto cleaner tool like ccleaner, wise 365, etc.

2) one in 15 days scan with anti malware tools.

3) defreg your hard disc

4) turn off auto update while gaming or working.

5) if pc is slow, then check for possible ram slowdown.

6) make sure that your pc have up to date device drivers. Which can slow your pc. Indirectly you network speed.


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Korn865406 days ago

good than their larger and also puffed up counterparts. on without the migraines of a larger system best.

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nihal29402 days ago

You may change your DNS server

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DavidWarren397 days ago

Great topic you have raised,even i am also suffering an internet speed problem. i am a student in a and search for Dissertation Proposal Help through online,so mostly internet gets slow.Kindly let me know also that how to solve internet connection.Thanks.

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DavidCyryl298 days ago

Your internet connection is not working good then you should contact to the internet company and this company will resolve your problem ...

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ashleybrown_66228 days ago

you may restart your system or the device being used for internet connection. you can also call the help line to sort out the problem. dissertation-writing-services-uk

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Kevinn1987Uk226 days ago

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ashleybensonn87226 days ago

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jamesandersonn8226 days ago

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PatriciaWallace204 days ago

In Windows search box on the taskbar, type Network troubleshooter then selects Identify and repair network problems recently implemented on our site -

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Oliver178000125 days ago

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Oliverjack11 days ago

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