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Euask gift which is on this page Reward $1
Created by WRCam2017, 17 days ago, 137 views

How does the gift work/?
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yanka45717 days ago

you win free money for being chosen as best answer when you have $10 in balance you can cash out to paypal:)

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Aravi17 days ago

Hi @WRCam2017

Kindly refer the below help link, which explains Euask point and reward system :-


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olja22558814 days ago

You can collect points and then for 150~ points you can get 5$ in tab "Redeem gift". for 290 points you can get 10$. But those dollars will be on your account in 1-3 days.
When you'll have more than 10$ on your account, you can transfer it on your PayPal account (it needs 10-15 days to finish transfering).
This thing is real, not a fake. :)

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