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How can i working on euask ? Reward $15
Created by socheat, 410 days ago, 1015 views

Dear every one, nice to see you here ! i'm new use on euask & so who can help show me about euask , what can i start working here? i hope all dear can help me soon! Thank you for your looking my post.
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zrodfects409 days ago

Firstly, welcome to Euask :)

This is not really a job site, more like q&a and get paid for your troubles if the help is resolved if your answers are what they are looking for etc...

The only job you could get on Euask would be just maintaining the site that is all, this is already pretty much taken care of.

Take a look around at all the questions, even in categories that's not your cup of tea but you just may know the answer to something, just answer questions and go from there..

Good luck...

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Aravi409 days ago

Hi @socheat

Welcome to boat,

I agree with zrodfects. Euask it point and reward system for question and answer. It have 2 simple process

1) Ask your question: You can post any question you have related to field of computer and internet. When you ask a question you will be answered by other members of this form. You are expected to select a best answer which solves your question most appropriate. For the question asked you will get 5 points.

2) Answer others question: When you answer a question and your answer got selected as the best; you will get the reward that appear on the right hand-side of the question.

For more details on point and reward:-

For community guidance: -

Points to gift: -

Money transfer: -

It is beautiful question answer forum. I hope you will enjoy joining participation with us.


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zrodfects408 days ago

Thanks Aravi...

@socheat as you can see there are plenty of great people on the site that are here to help, in my opinion there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers because not all people like to help even the simplest of questions and at times just can't leave it alone, so if you need to ask some bizarre questions, don't be afraid to do so and respect the people who are here to help, the nicer people will be the ones to help with your questions.

Have a great day...

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nihal29408 days ago

Hello @socheat
Welcome to the community .
This is all about answering questions and giving solutions to others questions.
You will be rewarded if someone choose your answer as the best answer . .
All the best.

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Flashwind405 days ago

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FixitJorge391 days ago

Lol cute

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FixitJorge391 days ago

let me help you. Do you want 5 coins? Answer my post about "are you happy."

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Gilbert110390 days ago

good from the iTunes Media folder. Like in this instance it can itunes download app this up on all computer systems you wish to share your iTunes media with great.

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FixitJorge390 days ago

What lol?@Gilbert110
Lol I didn't understand you

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omarwa389 days ago

Take a look around at this site:

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mohamad1122388 days ago

People ask questions here, you just answer the questions and try to make a short and useful answer in order to gain impress the person who asked it will undermine an award for it You will be rewarded if someone choose your answer as the best answer
the money and other gifts. You must have a PayPal so you can transfer the money when you have at least US $ 10
When you register and activate your account automatically generates US $ 1 in your account on this site.
If this site helps answer to earn points for gifts , like money , software and smartphones :

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aliouliou388 days ago

Dear .. someone has answered ... I'm just concerned.

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