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Anyone know something about such a game? Reward $15
Created by MrOwnage, 390 days ago, 676 views

Hello everyone!

I remember a pretty good game that I played a bit far "back in the past", about 2-3 years ago when I was so into flash games. However I have forgotten the game's name altogether and I can't find it online anymore...

I am talking about a choose-your-own-adventure style flash game. It is pretty silly as it only has one pathway you can take that you don't die (all other choices will kill you, but most importantly...), otherwise you will die by fire one way or another, like cooking yourself while cooking bacon at the oven for example.

The game was pretty hilarious, and this is why I would like to revisit it if someone knows the name of it or a link to it. What else I know about it is that it isn't complex in art style and it had the song What is Love by Haddaway playing in the background.

Do you guys know what this game is?
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zrodfects384 days ago

Hi there, I believe the game that your looking for is:

Enjoy... :)

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FixitJorge384 days ago

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MrOwnage383 days ago

Yes, that is the game I was looking for! Many thanks for the answer!

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zrodfects383 days ago


Your welcome, thanks in return for choosing my answer, have fun :)

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