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Улучшение стационарного компьютера. Reward $1
Created by ChessKing, 364 days ago, 1003 views

Что можно поменять в стационарном компьютере для его улучшения?Оперативка,видеокарта и вентилятор заменены.
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pustoi11364 days ago

все! но прежде всего о производительности говорит видеокарта. изначально купив хороший комп.,достаточно апгрейдить видеокарту,что бы быть в тренде длительное время на старом железе. если хотите улучшите процессор или матаринку.

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Aravi364 days ago

Hi @ChessKing

It depends on condition:-

Condition 1) Your PC becomes slow you have sufficient processor speed. This points to RAM, Try to replace old RAM. Because old RAM will get bad RAM memory blanks as it grow old. This will slow your computer.

Condition 2) You have enough Processor speed and new RAM; but graphic quality is power. Try to upgrade Graphic card of compatible version.

Condition 3) Your Processor capacity becomes insufficient for your usage. If processor upgrade is possible then try to upgrade the processor compatible with your mother board.

Condition 4) If your PC hangs after some time and becomes too hot. Change or upgrade your cooler system of your PC. Even dust accumulation near heat sink can cause the issue.

Condition 5) If the upgrade cost will become more then a new PC or you have already reached maximum limit to upgrade your mother board. Then try to buy new PC or upgrade entire motherboard.


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