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Which version of the Call of duty you like? Reward $2
Created by AAA1992, 245 days ago, 531 views

Modern warfare 1-2-3
black ops 1-2-3
Advance warfare
infinite warfare.
me like modern warfare Excellent.
but new version is not very good like ago version.
how about you?
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zrodfects245 days ago

I love the Black Ops series best, I enjoy all don't get me wrong, but Black Ops for sure, the latest COD game I will most likely buy one day but they ruined it when they went all spacey, what was their fix because millions complained? they gave you a remake of an older game, they could give you all the remakes in the world, still won't give you a new version minus the space crap, it's heading towards Halo, keep it on the ground...

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issous245 days ago

Modern warfare 1-2-3 it's my Favourite

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AAA1992244 days ago

Played black ops is not good.
but Ghosts is better

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zrodfects244 days ago


All is good to me, just something about Black Ops that I like a little more :)

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AAA1992244 days ago

All right.

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svenscottdj240 days ago

My fav Modern Warfare 2 & 3! I don't like the newest COD. sometimes we meet with friends and play on the first COD 1.

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bumchee236 days ago

Black ops 2! Who needs sex when u can a hard on just playing this yup!

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nihal29236 days ago

Hi @AAA1992
I love playing modern warfare series specially 2&3 .
But now i think they aren't doing anything special here infinite warfare around 96gb for just 6 odd hours of gameplay !! . They are just realising games every year but I think they should take time and add new features storyline etc .
Older COD titles are great.

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lotos228 days ago

призраки и современые войны

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Achaturvedi210 days ago

I Love to play COD MW 1-2-3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 they Both are best..!!

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