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How to update windows 10 to the latest stage with only limitted HD? Reward $1
Created by nelsonkyee, 248 days ago, 412 views

I bought a Asus E205SA laptop with only 2 gb Ram and 32 gb Solid State HD. After installed printer, MS Office and a few Antivirus and anti Malware utilities my hard drive left not much space. Now I cannot even update my Windows 10 Home to the latest stage because not enough space. I cannot remove those utilies programes because it has to residenced in C: drive in order to work. Any suggestion?
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Aravi248 days ago

Hi @nelsonkyee

Many programs including micorsoft office comes with feature of portable program. This means only the some patches or none resides in C driver. Try to install portable version of leased used program in MicroSD and increase space in C driver.


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brendaniel248 days ago

Uninstall programs that are of low importance, use a program like wisecare to optimize and clean your PC of unwanted files, you could actually get over 2gb of space after proper uninstallation and cleaning of your PC....

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ha14247 days ago


scan with cleanmypc
check how much place you can get
i used it sometime you can delete 50gb

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nelsonkyee245 days ago

Thank you for the help. I tried all the method. I deleted most program down to the basics. I still need minimum of 8 gb space in order to further update Wiindows 10. In the furture I still need to further update. for more latest Windows 10 status. I wonder why any company need to invent models of computers that is absolutely useless with so limited capcity? Can I compress the drive to double the capacity? However, my laptop drive is SSD, I beleived the configuaration is differed from HDD.

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ha14244 days ago


Most media is already compressed, so there isn't much savings available there. However, compressible files like server logs, if you comprees files o, SSD you get more writing cycles!!, NTFS compression could conceivably affect their useful lives more significantly..

maybe you ger some more gb by deleting hybernation file
How to Enable or Disable Hibernate in Windows 10

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