says - Please don't post frequently and continuously. -

A community for mutual assistance and knowledge sharing says - "Please don't post frequently and continuously." 10
Created by AshutoshAgrawal, 577 days ago, 1369 views

After asking only one question, When I click on "I have a question", then says - "Please don't post frequently and continuously."
I have a lot of questions but I am unable to ask on because says - "Please don't post frequently and continuously."
What should I do? Where should I ask?
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chakramed577 days ago

try dont post each 15 min this is for fighting spam question ;)

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Aravi577 days ago

Hi @AshutoshAgrawal

Frequent question in portal is not allowed. Try not to ask frequent question, because your question may get spam and points will get reversed. It is a anti spam fighting mechanism. Kindly give sufficient interval between each question you ask.


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ChessKing576 days ago

Система автоматически блокирует следующий вопрос на 2 часа.

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nihal29574 days ago

Hi @AshutoshAgrawal
Asking questions frequently is not allowed as many people may spam the system (asking many questions but not selecting best answer ) . Also replying to the same question rapidly is not allowed .
Hopefully you will understand the concern .

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