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What browser can I install that will work without SSE2. Reward $2
Created by selcinor, 1297 days ago, 14685 views

The new firefox browser 50. does not work without the processor SSE2, and My AMD Athlon 25000 does not compatible with any new browser can anyone show me where I can download firefox 48/49.
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Flyshield1267 days ago

You missed theFirefox 45 ESRoption as it iscurrently supported with updates and does still run on CPU's that does not support SSE2.
But apart from that, you will get a fast browser for your old machine if you use Pale Moon there. Another alternative (even faster) is K-meleon:http:/'/ there: It is complicated to install add-ons, and most Firefox add-ons do not work at all with K-Meleon.
If not then you will have to upgrade your computer(aka. replace the motherboard that can accept newer & faster CPUs that include SSE2 support such as Intel Pentium 4 hyperthread, AMD Athlon 64 / Sempron 64 or faster

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yanka4571297 days ago

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FixitJorge1297 days ago

Thank you Yanka

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ha141297 days ago


Your hardware is no longer supported
As there is no support for non-SSE2 CPUs by Windows any more (beginning with 8.1,)

Version 49.0, first offered to Release channel users on September 20, 2016

Often when there is a problem with a Firefox update, people look for a way to go back to the previous version. That usually doesn't solve the problem and will make your computer and information vulnerable to attack. This article gives you some alternatives to downgrading and links to old versions of Firefox if you do choose to downgrade.

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selcinor1291 days ago

all is not helping, despite I downloaded old version the new version firefox 50.1 force itself in and the problem still persist.

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avlass758 days ago

If you are using Win XP, try Palemoon-SSE. A version of Palemoon (a Firefox fork) that works without SSE2. You can get it from here:

If you don't mind changing OS I propose Antix Linux, which is VERY light and fast (I am using it on an Athlon machine with 512Mb RAM and it works like new). You can install Palemoon-SSE with a few clicks right from the Antix Package Manager. It also includes Links 2 and Dillo, which I believe, they too do not require SSE2 (although they lack significant functionality).

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