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 My laptop can't play DVD. But my DVD player can play it. -

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My laptop can't play DVD. But my DVD player can play it. Reward $2
Created by kidcrowd, 637 days ago, 1612 views

How to play it on my laptop?
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vellie4209637 days ago

Might need anew burner. I had the same problem when I bought a new one from Best Buy. Got a different one and I am burning like crazy.

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AAA1992637 days ago

You can for play DVD use this software

cyberlink Power DVD.
download link :

WinDVD Pro 12
dvd fab
but is not Free
you can use this free software
5k player

vlc media player

BlazeDVD Free

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brendaniel637 days ago


1. Try to install VLC Media player thenvtry the DVD disc using VLC media player(make VLC your default media player)

2. If no. 1 doesn't work, take a little piece of tiny soft cloth, eject your disc drive, gently clean the lense, then try the disc again using vlc media player.

3. If no. 2 also doesn't work either then your disc player is partially faulty or fully damaged, try playing a non- DVD disc, if it plays then, it is partially faulty, if it doesn't play either, then it is fully damaged and needs to be replaced...

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kidcrowd637 days ago


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kidcrowd637 days ago

Thanks for sharing.

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kidcrowd637 days ago

Thank you.

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AAA1992636 days ago

your welcome.

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ha14636 days ago


*In the search box > type troubleshooter > click Troubleshooting.
*Click view all in the left pane > click Windows Media Player DVD.

if oyu are in windows 10, by default it cant play dvd
Getting the Windows DVD Player app
4. Q: What do I have to do to get the free app?
A: Soon after upgrading to Windows 10, the free Windows DVD Player app will be automatically downloaded via Windows Update, but you can speed up this process by going to Settings from the Start menu, selecting Update & security, and then click Check for updates. You should see a new KB3081704 update available that begins to download, which will install the free Windows DVD Player app.

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Aravi636 days ago

Hi @kidcrowd

Try to buy any new blue ray DVD r/w. They almost play any DVD format on computer.


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pustoi11635 days ago

you do not have video codecs. K-Lite Codec Pack install any video format will be played without any problems the video player.

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ChessKing629 days ago

Очень возможно что двд привод сломался.Обычно стандадный виндовс плеер должен читать двд без установки дополнительных кодеков.
Также возможно проблема в диске-один привод его читает другой с ошибками или вообще не читает.Попробуйте сначало лицензионный диск.Потом попробуйте другой программный плеер.Если ситуация не изменилась проблема однозначно в приводе.Его не трудно самому поменять.

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ChessKing629 days ago

It is very possible that the DVD drive is broken.Usually standardny Windows player to read a DVD without installing additional codecs. It is also possible the problem is in the drive-one drive reads with errors or does not read.Try to first license disk.Then try another software player.If the situation has not changed, the problem is definitely in the drive.It's not hard to change.

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Rudefood20612 days ago

You will need to download a software that will play your DVD, since Windows no longer has one built in. I would recommend this:

The VLC Media Player has been one of my favorites ever since I had to install a DVD playback software. It is so versatile! Here is another link to some more options:

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Razsaheel596 days ago

Very simple. Please install windows video codec on your Lappy. There is also Shark video codec, but I found window codec is better.

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