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Whho is spam emailer? Reward $2
Created by Aravi, 45 days ago, 229 views

Any one knows what it is actually. I am getting regular spam email from this id and all are related to the article I search in net.
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ChessKing43 days ago

Все зависит от спам базы почтового сервера.Первые почтовые серверы начала и середины 2000-х годов их не имели,того специальные программы рассылали рекламу.При этом они брали базу электроных ящиков самым простым перебором наиболее употребляемых слов и сокращений.Чтоб избавится от рассылки достаточно в веб версии почты пометить сообщение как спам.

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Aravi45 days ago

I never shared my email id to any website.

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MrOwnage44 days ago

Hi @Aravi
The online world today is sadly what it is and you never know what will happen, how and why. For example on my e-mail accounts I am also regularly getting spam email, from a lot of addresses and I don't even know why am I getting them, even though, just like you, I don't share email ID to others, only where you, for example have to register but even then I would know why am I getting those E-mails.

Unless the emails contain something "important" the best course of action would be to simply block and ignore the spammer.


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FixitJorge38 days ago

You must have signed up to newsletters that sold your info or you got a Trojan backdoor from torrenting games or other files you think are safe.

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