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MMo World still alive? Reward $2
Created by JamieD, 621 days ago, 1191 views


Few weeks ago, had an discussion with a friend of mine, about few mmorpgs. We speaked about few of them to choose one and give it a go like in a old days in computer rooms ( ehhh good old days). But then we realised, that half of them P2W ( only p2w you even cant try to compete with others), other got huge laaaaags like Bless online, which we wanted to paly but after realising that we got like 30-40 fps in first basic location, we jsut deleted the game. BDO is a good one but also mechanic are so strange and also laggy, yes I got an upgrade now and think it will go ok but not sure about my friend.

So my question is simple. Is there, any still alive, not totally P2W, like you still can compete with others not throwing your house to buy that damn sword to beat that last night pker... and also relaxing, to hae a nice, calm evening in a good guild, to chat, went for a journey together or smth. and
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chakramed621 days ago

Honestly I think getting into one of the buy once to play MMOs will be the best bet.


here is 10 Free MMO Games That Aren’t Pay to Win


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FixitJorge614 days ago

STAR CITIZEN. its coming out soon. Google it. You and your pals will have a blast.

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