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Programm Reimage Repair Reward $2
Created by Bohousxo, 48 days ago, 197 views

Please have a request: how to delete this terrible spammy program. PC Win 10 does not find him. Thank Bohousxo from Bohemi
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ha1446 days ago


scan with hitman pro it is clouid based


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chakramed47 days ago

Step by Step: Removing Crapware Through Windows
Step 1 Click Start, and navigate to the Control Panel.

Step 2 Double-click the Programs and Features button if you're using the Classic View, or click the Uninstall a program text under the Programs heading if you're using the new Control Panel.

Step 4 Follow the uninstall instructions that appear on the screen. Be sure to remove all of the components if prompted.

Step 5 If you're unsure about a program's function, a quick Google search will usually turn up enough information to gauge whether the application is worth keeping.

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Aravi47 days ago

Hi @Bohousxo

One if it is installed by mistake with permission :-

If not working, this Reimage Repair is already black listed by many anti spywares.

Try Malwarebyte it will remove it automatically.


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nihal2946 days ago

This guide will help you uninstall that crap =

Watch this video


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