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What is CSIR NET Exam? Reward $4
Created by DivyaJ1, 708 days ago, 1395 views

What is CSIR NET Exam?
Is it compulsory to qualify this exam to make career in Lectureship?
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pustoi11708 days ago

so I recommend you application.

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brendaniel708 days ago


CSIR NET Exam is a National Eligibility Test to check the eligibility of candidates for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) or Lectureship (LS).

CSIR : Council of Scientific & Industrial Research

NET: National eligibility test

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) provide CSIR Research Fellowships and Associateships to bright young men and women for training in methods of research under the expert guidance of faculty members/scientists working in University Departments/Institutes of National Importance/National Laboratories and Institutes of CSIR in various fields of Science & Technology and Medical Sciences.
The CSIR Fellowships/Associateships are tenable in Universities/IITs/Post-Graduate Colleges/Government Research Establishments including those of CSIR, R&D establishments of recognized public or private sector, industrial firms and other recognized institutions. However, CSIR reserves the right to determine the place best suited to provide necessary facilities in the area of science and technology in which the awardee is to specialize.
The CSIR Fellowships / Associatships are tenable in India. Only bonafide Indian citizens, residing in India are eligible for the award of research Fellowship/Associateships. The programme is aimed at National Human Resource Development for S&T.
The award of CSIR Fellowship / Associateships is for fixed tenure and does not imply any assurance or guarantee for subsequent employment by CSIR to the beneficiary. The authority to award / terminate vests with CSIR. The awardee shall not lay claim to permanent absorption in CSIR, after the expiry of Fellowship / Associateship.

For the lectureship issue, kindly read this article

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brendaniel708 days ago

Remember to click on the continue reading button in the article link I sent to you, so you can see the full article...

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Aravi708 days ago

HI @DivyaJ1

CSIR (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research) is a exam that is conducted by UGC on behalf of Indian government and Industries for the recruitment of researchers.

Its support-umbrella covers all age groups ranging from sixteen to sixty-five.

It covers wide range of fields and related fields from nuclear physics, aero-space engineering to mining, leather processing etc.

It is mandatory to start your career as researcher or scientist. Or even if you want to do PHD / PED for Lectureship for master degree in good reputed university.


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DivyaJ1707 days ago

Thanks for the help & quick response..!!

So Basically CSIR (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research) is a exam to for science candidates to pursue career as Junior Research Fellow or an Assistant Professor.

But I have checked the cutoff marks of CSIR NET Exam, which not too easy to target. I need to do hard work.

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Aravi707 days ago

Hi @DivyaJ1

A little correction. CSIR is not for Assistant Professor. It is for conducting recruitment for Research. At the end of your you are expected to have PHD or PED ( simple examples Honorable Dr. APJ Kalam sir, scientist in ISRO or DRDO).

You don't need to have CSIR for Assistant Professor. BEd/MEd is enough for this. The fact is CSIR don't have direct link with Lectureship. CSIR is more helpful for PHD or PED.

But in universities, if you have PHD esp through CSIR; you will be recruited for more higher post then just a Lectureship. The fact is that collages just limit to the level of teaching kids. But in university, they also need to have PHD or PED from frame syllabus to conduct researches and supportive works.

CSIR NET Exam is not for every one. In our country, it is as comparative exam as IAS exam. Only the candidate who have scored A+ in the collages will even dare to attempt the entrance exam. If they started to take the candidates from the top mark. Will be end very before then the cutoff marks.

Example: - have place for 100 candidates and 10000 attempted the exam. If the first 100 candidates have scored between 99.5 to 98.2.; then this recruitment will with 98.2 irrespective of cutoff marks. The renaming top scores excepted to attempt PHD or PED via private sponsored companies or via their own money (that is out of CSIR).


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