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This notebook PC Good for Game.?? Reward $3
Created by AAA1992, 49 days ago, 310 views

Cpu: AMD Quad Core A6-6310 1.80GHz up to 2.40 GHz
Graphic :AMD Radeon R5 M330 2GB
HDD:1000 GB
DVD-RW Webcam Card Reader Wi-Fi Ethernet Port VGA Port HDMI Port...
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ha1449 days ago


the A6-6310 rarely manages to produce high frame rates with its comparatively strong GPU even in games
only a few games from recent years can be played smoothly using low settings

AMD Radeon R5 M230 2GB
Current and demanding games of 2014 will run fluently only in low resolutions and detail settings.

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brendaniel49 days ago

Read this articles from a firsthand user and his experience with gaming...

I think you should get another good computer specification with good budgeting....

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Aravi49 days ago

Hi @AAA1992

Yes, it is. It have Level 1 Cache-256 KB and Level 2 Cache-2048 KB + 4.0 GB DDR3 RAM. AMD Quad Core A6-6310 is a good game sport processor. So It can support wide range of heavy games.

But this modal have known gaming performance problem. You should plug in with power supply while playing. Because, the in battery mode it don't support high performance for battery saving. If you manage to change the power supply setting, you will end up in finishing the battery very soon.


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nihal2943 days ago

Not a beast . But you can play heavy games at low settings low resolution 1024 x 800 good frame rates . Your laptop has an APU and GPU in combination which and call dual graphics which will work when you keep your laptop pluged to the charger .
Your GPU =
Play easy

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AAA199243 days ago

Direct X 12 support but .is weak Graphic.
I am not Gamer .Maybe sometimes I play game.

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nihal2941 days ago

Yes you can game on it . It is just perfect for home use. Regards

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