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Internet speed worst in the WORLD 5
Created by wiilli2, 654 days ago, 858 views

Hi people

my Internet speed in Malaysia is 1Mbps and lower. So, I downloading things takes a hold day. what entertaining sites and I assess from this Internet speed?
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Aravi654 days ago

Hi @wiilli2

Disable your windows update and try to access some of the optimized entertaining sites like youtube. Never keep more then 1 tab open in your browser because your net speed will be distributed that you try to like with. Keep background apps like dropbox off while using entertaining sites.

In my location I always have network congestion problem. I pay for 2 mbps plan but get only 1 mbps or below.


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ChessKing654 days ago

Достаточно включить турборежим яндекс браузера.В принципе по умолчанию он должен включиться автоматически при медленном интернете.Турбо позволяет сжимать данные подобно мобильной опера мини,благодаря ему страницы должны загружаться быстрее и кроме того так уменьшаеться нагрузка на процессор и уменьшаеться расход оперативной памяти.

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FixitJorge643 days ago

Turn off all images in your browser.

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Ujjwal619638 days ago

as you already mentioned , your internet speed is 1mbps.....then nothing can be done to get faster speed than that.....but if you are getting below 1mbps then there are several reasons:
1. You may have been using a low end device with insufficient storage and low CPU if so u need a capable device
2. Have you ever thought of changing channels mode in wifi.......have a look :
3.Since 1mbps is not sufficient speed , more than 1 user using wifi simultaneously affects the performance
4. The damaged cables or wires may also cause a worst speed
5. Good positoning of router is required to get a good signal and speed's how to place router correctly :
6. If background process of apps and programs are affecting your speed... you must know how to turn off them for better results
7. May be time for replacing router
8. Not all sites are equally capable to handle the heavy network traffics site like youtube or social media sites like twitter , facebook or search engine likegoogle and so on can only mange huge network traffics.So don't expect all sites to give you same speed unless you have internet of high bandwidth

Best and ultimate solution for getting good speed is using fiber internet of at least 5 Mbps ....then you don't have to worry for anything

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