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Need to end relationship to an alcholic Reward $2
Created by myplanet, 1519 days ago, 1897 views

Ive been with this woman for 6 years and the drinking gets worse and now i dont wont to live with this burden,she is gone for weeks drinking god knows where and when she comes back its just to get sober,am i a fool to love this person?
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zrodfects1518 days ago

Firstly, asking if your a fool to love this person is already wrong on your part, your obviously with her because you liked/loved her so the bond is already there.

So if you do love this person ignoring her flaws as a lot of people do because no one is perfect, but some worse than other so you should be there for her, some addictions are hard to get away from and the addiction creates a happy place for them whether it is a bad place or good place, they only see it as a good place, but others see it as a bad place.

You need to speak to her and ask if she would be willing to get help or seek a help group that you too could come along to show your support, people seek the lowest in their life for a reason, everything has a reason and you need to find out that reason, some drink because they hate seeing or hearing people fight so you keep them away from that environment, maybe she drinks because she sees others do it and they are crazy and having fun but she misses the bad points to that because she thinks like most people even for a good person some days are better than others etc so they don't look at that, because tomorrow would be a different day.

First thing first you would need to find out the reason she does this if possible, something always triggers a reaction, talk to her and say you would like to see her get some help because you see it as a strain on the relationship and you want to do anything possible to help her and be the one she can trust or have someone she can come to.

Most break ups in this situation always goes from bad to worse which would be on her part, obviously with break ups you couldn't careless what happens because your making the move to move on but your letting another person get to their lowest where this person if helped could still be the perfect person for you, but this is a long term thing and this will show what type of person you are yourself to her and to others..

Hope this helps and good luck

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my_asylum1519 days ago

seems like you have 2 options...?
1: if you really care about her try and get her some help and stick by her.

2: if she won't go for that or not interested kick her to the curb.

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houssam_haddour1519 days ago

you're not a fool to love her, know love isn't like that, but if you've made up your mind to end that relationship, and if you think YOU WON'T REGRET IT, then you only have to tell her ''i don't love you anymore'' straight in her face..... that will probably end your relationship for good, but just make sure you won't regret it that's the important thing to keep in mind

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Aravi1519 days ago

Hi @myplanet

Get a proper medical attention and proper treatment. This is because, alcohol addition is not easy to quit. It will create very strong withdrawal syndrome. Even if you make her understand your difficulties, it will be quite difficult for her to quit. It will be long time process.

But if you are at the edge to end that relationship and you are confused; I will suggest you to take an advice of a alcoholics anonymous doctor. Because their are 2 types of complications:-

1) If she is recoverable and you end relationship, this will hunt her and will become more addicted to the alcohol.

2) If she went too deep, as you think, it is write decision to quit her relationship which affects you the most.


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wiilli21518 days ago

this type of people are addicted to drinking. there are 2 options
1: abandon her if you hate her. just say to her ' Bye I hate you'.
2: help her to stop drinking if your a kind man.

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koroleva1516 days ago

First of all, I'm sorry, I might be harsh so I need to apologize.
Everybody deserve to be loved but people shouldn't take others for granted and need to have some consideration for them.
Addictions are very hard to deal with. So let me ask you this, are you ready for the fight ? Are you confident about your love ? Do you at least know why is she drinking that much ? Is she suffering ? Addictions don't come from nowhere. It's generally the people who suffer who get drunk all the time. If you think you can endure it, talk to her, talk to her family and take her to rehab center. Good luck!

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pustoi111515 days ago

put before a choice "you or alcohol". if you are less valuable for that person than alcohol. throw without thinking, will be more whole. Try not to meet with that person at all. if you need to leave there where you can not meet. believe me, time heals. and spend life in an alcoholic does not make sense.

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myplanet1514 days ago

well it goes deeper than that, when we first met i was so in love,and then the, im leaving, started and she was a pretty woman so she didn't have a problem getting a man for the night ,and she would come home and say nothing happen and i always believed her, then one time when she left she called and she was drunk she didn't hang up the phone right, so i could hear her talking and she ended up having sex with the guy and i recorded the whole thing, the next day she came home with no bra and her panties in a bag, i asked her where she was and she said she was with a woman next store then she said nothing happen and i told her i recorded her and she wouldn't accept it was her so i kicked her out and then i would forgive her and let her come back well this is been going on for a long time and now i let her back her hair all matted just before Christmas so here i go again with her she can go two months without alcohol she been in detox fifteen times programs at least five times , the thing is i dont love her like i used to and she has no one to turn to except me,and when she is sober she is a wonderful person so now i have to wait till the next she cant stop and she will leave when im at the store or in the shower.and i dont want this more ,and im going threw my own problems with the liver and i dont drink anymore ironic huh sometimes i just want to die so i dont have to live like this she cant work i cant afford both of us,this is her when we met and this is her now wow is it my fault

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zrodfects1512 days ago


Thank you kindly for choosing my answer...

I wish you all the besy and hope things work out for you both.

Take care

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