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What is your achieve in the 2016 Reward $2
Created by selcinor, 716 days ago, 1131 views

As this year packing to vacate, what is your achievement, are you happy throughout the year or other way round. as for me I achieve nothing much but I thank God for my life.
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nazarencko13003716 days ago

Мы все благодарим Бога за прожытый день и за каждый встреченый рассвет...

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AhmedMohsen715 days ago

I thank god for my life and I hope 2017 is better than 2016 ...

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vegasgal71715 days ago

To finally be happy for once in my life.

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Majjyman697 days ago

Hi my achieve is to become a higher and better version of my self at a steady pace without the governments dangerous traps and products :), and personally, my biggest most admirable achievements are when I learn about my self and my connection with the inner I. Believe me, you're always learning about earths gifts whether your consciousness can tell you or not, when truth is right infront of you that's what makes us believe and stay connected to god :)

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