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Музыка на виниловых пластинках Reward $2
Created by ChessKing, 180 days ago, 760 views

Почему в век цифрового mp3 в последние годы возобновился интерес к виниловым пластинкам?
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Yuri180 days ago

Виниловые диски, широко использовались, довольно таки давно. Люди пользовавшиеся ними, сейчас, уже в приличном возрасте. Вот они и являются основными потребителями этой продукции. Ностальгия однако.

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ha14180 days ago


perhaps because many have vinyl collections and are proud of it...way to differentiate their music listening....(Digital is technically cleaner, but the compression technology in MP3s tends to dull the highs and lows.)

Vinyl revival

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Aravi180 days ago

Hi @ChessKing

Music on vinyl and R compact disk technology is as older technology as 1980s. The commercial exploitation begins around 1988.

By the effort of company like sony on laser dvd cd player it gained wide range of user around year 2000.

However, in within few years, it loose its popularity because coming high volume and more convenient SD cards which has the storage range from 1 gb to 64gb storage.

But in recent days, a new technology called blue ray cd had hit the market. Which is also compact and comes with storage range from 25gb to 120gb.

This blue ray disc is based on vinyl and r technology. Hence it gained popularity again.

Kindly find the below blue ray details:-


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Yuri180 days ago

Chessking, спасибо.

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