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Where do you watch German TV?? Reward $2
Created by anhot, 181 days ago, 556 views

Your experience?
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ashleysummer181 days ago

I usually watch German TV with the help of . This resources will have you watching German TV in no time and in perfect quality! Enjoy watching!

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chakramed181 days ago

you have early post similar question and we did answer you .

link to watch :

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brendaniel181 days ago


I think what he needs is the personal experience of the those who watch German TV....

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brendaniel181 days ago


You wouldn't get much response because a lot of folks here aren't Germans and don't even understand German language, so you shouldn't expect them to watch German TV....

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Aravi180 days ago

Hi @anhot

Sorry to interrupt. This is nothing personal or to annoy anyone.

Placing a question and changing a question and reposting the same question is expected to be violation of community guideline. It can be consider to be spam booming the portal.

For your reference or for new members:-

Please ensure you don't violate them. ensure that your question and received answer can be useful to the other member too.

The reason why I want to express point is, such questions will be deleted. Your ask point will be reversed. Continues spammers account can also be ban by the admin.


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azzzaza180 days ago

Hi @anhot is that what you need :

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nihal29177 days ago

This might help you stream some channel=

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FixitJorge164 days ago

In Germany of course

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ChessKing164 days ago

Для того чтоб найти подходящий пакет немецкого тв достаточно иметь iptv приставку и подписку на портал.Немецкие каналы идут на портале my iptv.Можно выбрать подходящий портал на форуме

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