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Fans go mad but no boot Reward $2
Created by HatsuneMiku, 59 days ago, 228 views

Hi everyone so my computer is kinda working again... But not really I think the BIOS might be a lil damaged or something, it will work fine all day but if you turn it off overnight which everyone does the next morning it's horrible to make work 80% of the time the fans will go but the computer won't boot sometimes it takes 3 reboots and it works other times it takes hours sometimes it doesn't work at all, when it goes it I get no display, no post beeps no nothing... Any idea why it might by doing this? I've cheeked all my connections and my RAM and HDD's are new, I was thinking maybe if I set it to hibernate rather then shut down it would fix it... But other then that I have no clue what to do, kinda scary to turn it off
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brendaniel59 days ago

From my observation with the information you gave, the problem is most likely caused by your vga card or your processor, but most likely your vga card, I've had a laptop I had to restart several times before it could turn up display just like what you observed in yours and I found out the problem was either the vga card or the processor, though I had to take it to an engineer who fixed it....


If you are not a professional computer engineer, it might be a delicate task to handle but I advise you to take it to an engineer, he should focus on the vga card first, if it's is a replaceable type, he should replace that first, if it's not the replaceable type he should reheat the vga card on the board using a heat gun(he should know exactly what do after reheating it) .

To avoid a reoccurence he should clean the vent holes of the processor and the vga which includes the processor cooling fan or vga card cooling fan(if there is one). In fact he should get rid of every dust on the entire board, its most likely caused by dust.

If that still doesn't solve it then he should focus on the processor, he should replace it for you.

I believe your computer should be fine after doing this...

Hope this helps.....

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HatsuneMiku59 days ago

@brendaniel actually funny you should say that about my video card cos after I had it put back together it wouldn't boot and failed post when I looked up the post beep it was the video card but after re seating it its been fine but I am getting a new one soon, my CPU is a FX 9590 and still pretty new but the dust in my system is quite bad

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brendaniel59 days ago

Good to hear....

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ha1458 days ago


maybe powersupply problem, sometime delivering enough power, sometime not???

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HatsuneMiku58 days ago

I think my psu is fine it's still new I only brought it about 3 months ago and it's 850W but how would I test that?

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ha1458 days ago


you will need Multimeter, your power supply can be good but the interaction of the power supply with the hardware motherboard, graphic card..maynot be ok?

does your pc boot on live image wothout problems???

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Aravi58 days ago

Hi @HatsuneMiku

It is problem in motherboard component level. It will take one day time.

As you say the power goes on. Their should be no problem with power supply. Kindly note that a faulty hardware can suppress beep code and interrupt the boot sequence.

Kindly refer your mother board manufacturer website for bootup sequence. You have to detach the components from the bottom of the harrachy to the top.

Try to detach and detachable component of motherboard like DVD rom, RAM, VGA card etc one by one and try to boot. Try to keep mark of each component you detach. At a final stage you will detach a component that is faulty. This will produce beep sound.

If the sound is not generated, then the top most component in the boot sequence is the builtin mother component or processor is went faulty. You have to decide whether to buy new one or repairable comparative to cost.

Please make sure you detach the hardware in the correct descending order of boot sequence. It is the most important procedure need to be followed.


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nihal2956 days ago

Try changing your power source (socket). Regards

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lalumaurindra1255 days ago

reinstall the operating system of your computer, i got same problem like that! it works. (sorry for bad english)

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HatsuneMiku55 days ago

Heya everyone sorry for not being here, I took it to a computer shop today... Well actually a phone shop that fixes computers but I like them cos they do anything for £30 lol but he didn't have a clue why it wouldn't boot he tried everything and it still won't make post, I'm going to take it to Curry's on Saturday cos apparently they can do a diagnostic on it and find out what's wrong... Really annoying as they charge me £60 just for looking but whoever was right I will award the best answer sound fair?

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HatsuneMiku49 days ago

Hiya everyone just got the results, turns out my graphics card was burnt out, kinda weird since I never overclocked it so they just die overtime? But it's kinda lucky cos I was planning to upgrade that anyway xD

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brendaniel49 days ago

Good to hear that, sometimes vga cards act weird especially the AMD versions( they are more sensitive than the Intel's) just try keep dust off it more often, you can once in a while open it up and clean the vents and the non sensitive parts to avoid a reoccurence and thanks for selecting my answer.
Happy New year....

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HatsuneMiku49 days ago

@brendaniel yea plus a while ago I did have a major over heating problem like my case burnt to touch so that prob didn't help and no problem ^~^ happy new year to you too

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